I knew that tuna-head wasn't up to much!
~ X after Godzilla easily defeats Zilla.

Zilla is a Kaiju from the Godzilla franchise.


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Background Edit

  • Height: 90 meters
  • Length: 180 meters
  • Weight: 20,000 tons
  • Species: Irradiated marine iguana
  • Nicknames: G.I.N.O (Godzilla In Name Only), Tuna-Head
  • Japanese Name: Jira

Weapons Edit

  • Claws
  • Teeth
  • Burrowing ability
  • Extraordinary jumper
  • Adept swimmer
  • Agility
  • Durability
  • Intelligence
  • Scutes
    • Zilla used them to slice a Trilopod's neck by running at it and bending downward
  • Acidic flame breath
    • Never seen in use, only hinted at when Zilla emerges from behind an explosion similar to the one caused by Godzilla's power breath in the 1998 film
  • Camouflage

Feats Edit

  • Wrecked havoc in Sydney, Australia
  • Leveled an entire building with one blow of his tail just by turning around
  • Pulled the Rulers of Earth Godzilla into the military's line of fire to use him as a shield while the latter was grappling him
  • Can excavate thick tar and concrete with ease
  • Reacted to and leaped over the Final Wars Godzilla’s Atomic Breath at fairly close range
  • Used his burrowing ability to avoid a blast of the Rulers of Earth Godzilla's Atomic Breath
  • Survived being sent crashing into the Sydney Opera House by the Final Wars Godzilla’s tail whip
  • Presumably survived the same type of resistance from the EDF and/or UN other kaiju were taking during their initial assault around the world
    • Though this is nothing but pure speculation
  • Survived being knocked aside by the massive legs of Magita
  • Fought the Final Wars Godzilla very briefly
  • Fared against the Rulers of Earth Godzilla much better than he did against the Final Wars Godzilla
  • Somehow managed to avoid capture by the Trilopods when they attacked the Monster Islands
  • Traveled to Los Angeles to join forces with the other Earth monsters and battle the Trilopods
  • Injured and killed several Trilopods

Weaknesses Edit

  • Stupidly bold
    • Just charges blindly at his opponent
  • Still not very impressive by kaiju standards
  • Killed by the Final Wars Godzilla in 15 seconds flat
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