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You still don't understand what you're dealing with, d'you...? The perfect organism... Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility...
~ Ash, referring to the Xenomorph.

The Xenomorph is the titular alien of the same name series. It also appears in the Alien vs Predator movies.


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  • Losses: 0
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  • Height: 7'+
  • Weight: 325lbs
  • Full name: Xenomorph XX121
  • Extraterrestrial endoparasitoids
  • Descended from biological weapons created by the "Engineers" and the rogue synthetic, David
  • Homeworld: Xenomorph Prime
  • Name literally translates to "strange form" from Greek ξενος, xenos=strange and morphe=form
  • Scientific names: Internecivus raptus, Linguafoeda acheronsis
  • Lifespan: Unknown
  • Diet: Meat

Abilities and Arsenal[]

  • Claws to slash
  • Fangs to bite
  • Spiked tails to lash or stab victims from range
  • Acid blood
  • Maw that can puncture skulls
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Insect-like dexterity
  • Cunning intelligence
  • High adaptability
  • Rapid maturity
  • Obsession and persistence
  • Ability to partially assume the characteristics of their hosts upon birth
  • Unnatural aggression
  • Wall Climbing/Scaling


  • Ripped a gun in half
  • Charged and broke down a barricaded door
  • Can rip through steel with no effort
  • Rips through a steel grate floor with little effort
  • Smashed through a confined steel grate ceiling
  • Individuals can literally smash through a solid steel bulkhead
  • Can rip apart fully armed soldiers
  • Rams through glass uninjured
  • Instantly ripped a locker door clean off
  • Pried open an automated metal door with its bare hands
  • Ripped a man in half with a swipe of its claw
  • A weakened Xenomorph threw a woman several feet into the air
  • Grown men are no problem at all for a Xenomorph’s superior strength
  • Uses blunt force of its tail to send an uninjured Parker flying across the coolant room
  • Overcame the vacuum of space in seconds
  • Ragdolled a grown man instantly and carried him with one hand without losing mobility
  • Yanked a man's throat out
  • Tail can effortlessly hold a fully armored Marine off the ground
  • Used its tail to snap a Marine’s neck
  • Ripped a guy’s chest up then headbutted his whole head into the wound
  • A Warrior pounced at a weaponized exosuit and knocked it down
  • A larger breed known as The Raven single handedly cleared a massive pile of debris
  • Multiple soldiers got their limbs ripped off
  • Broke through welded steel doors
  • Two Warriors smashed their way into the building from the outside and broke the floor upon landing
  • Dodged a point-blank shotgun blast
  • Dodged an assault rifle
  • Dodged close range gunfire while climbing a ladder
  • Can dodge mid-range bullets
  • Dodged an RPG underwater
  • Dodged a blast from a shoulder cannon
  • Dodges another blast from a Predator
  • Burst out of the water onto a ladder
  • Leaped across a server room before a man could react
  • Landed on a moving APC
  • Tanks punches and kicks from Predators regularly
  • Tanked multiple shotgun blasts with no acid damage to the environment
  • Survived impalement - twice
  • Tanks military-grade bullet fire
  • Does not need to breathe oxygen
  • Casually shrugs off bullets
  • Tanks plasma blasts to the chest
  • Tanks a huge explosion from a dozen explosive barrels
  • Survived getting its brains blown out
  • Completely unaffected when crawling on an overloading reactor
  • Future military sidearm rounds ricochets off Warrior’s head
  • The Alien’s body was not destroyed by a thermal shock of over 6,200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Completely bulletproof to Marine firepower
  • Pulse Rifle bullets can be seen ricocheting off Warrior’s heads
  • One of the most feared creatures in the galaxy
  • Are equal to Predators as hunters
  • Have killed many humans with facehuggers
  • Have destroyed trained soldiers
  • Are dangerous enough for Predators to consider them worthy prey
  • Stealthy enough to catch a Predator offguard numerous times
  • Have fought and defeated Predators
  • They've even fought with Batman and Superman before
  • As well as Terminators
  • Hell, even Green Lantern!


  • Extremely vulnerable to fire and heat
  • Durability has limits, like heavy armor rounds from machine guns can hurt or even kill them
  • They have animalistic instincts and aren't very intelligent compared to humans
  • It usually takes multiple Xenomorphs to overpower soldiers
  • Can be arrogant and underestimate their prey