Chicken, fight like a robot!
~ Vectorman

Vectorman is the titular character from its eponymous series.

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  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 7 orbs high
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Occupation: Sludge Barge Pilot

Weapons Edit

  • Blaster: One in each hand with unlimited ammo. Can slow down decents just by shooting down while in the air and easily blasts weak walls apart.
  • Jet Boosters: Allows for a double jump. Jets can inflict massive damage to enemies if timed right.
  • Wave Gun: Fires a five-way spread that can go through walls.
  • Bolo Gun: A slow firing weapon that can hit an enemy and the ones behind it as well.
  • Pulse Beam: Shoots small bursts of static pulse.
  • Laser Beam: Fires multiple laser beams at once.
  • Energy Shot: Fires a single power laser shot at a time.
  • Nucleus Shield: Creates a shield which protects Vectorman for a short while before.
  • Overkill: Fires powerful blasts that wipes out anything on-screen. Was strong enough to destroy an entire fortress from the inside.

Morphs Edit

  • Tank: Turns Vectorman into a tank which can fire missiles.
  • Drill: Transforms Vectorman into a drill that can break through certain floors.
  • Missile: Transforms Vectorman into a missile that can burst through ceilings and kill any enemies he comes in contact.
  • Buggy: Turns Vectorman into a car-like form that break through walls and can ram into enemies.
  • Bomb: Turns Vectorman into a bomb that wipes out nearby enemies, walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Jet: Allows Vectorman to fly around everywhere and ram into enemies.
  • Parachute: Allows Vectorman to twirl his arms around to make a slow decent and ram into enemies.
  • Shield: Creates a shield that protects Vectorman for 30 seconds This removes any upgrades he has prior to using the shield and it will disappear if he grabs another upgrade.
  • Scorpion Tail: Morphs Vectorman's arms into a scorpion tail that protrudes from his back. He can whip his tail to kill enemies quickly and can even walk on lava.
  • Tick Punch: Allows Vectorman to throw powerful close ranged punches at enemies. Apparently strong enough to break boulders into pieces.
  • Rhino Charge: Gives Vectorman the horns of a rhino so he can quickly charge at enemies
  • Tornado: Turns Vectorman into a small tornado that can destroy enemies and blocks he comes in contact with.
  • Helicopter: Makes Vectorman form orbs on his back in the form of helicopter blades to allow for safe descents.
  • Roller Skate: Gives him roller skate orbs on his feet, this allow him to move at a faster pace while he shoots down enemies.

Feats & Stats Edit

  • Can destroy a weak wall by shooting at it (Strength)
  • His Drill morph can break through floors (Strength)
  • His Bomb morph can wipe out walls, floors and ceilings (Strength)
  • His Tick Punch morph is apparently strong enough to break boulders into pieces (Strength)
  • Destroyed an entire fortress from the inside by using Overkill (Strength)
  • Survived an explosion in the Sludge Barge while it was in orbit and managed to safely make it down to Earth (Durability)
  • Can walk on lava when in his Scorpion Tail morph (Durability)

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