Starfire is a protagonist in DC Comics. She is also one of the titular protagonists of the animated show: Teen Titans. She previously fought against Android 18 in the thirteenth episode of Fatal Fiction: Starfire VS Android 18.

Fanon ideas so farEdit

Possible OpponentsEdit

  • Miss Marvel (Marvel)
  • Miss Martian (DC Comics)



  • Starfire (Real Name: Koriand'r)
  • Species: Tamaranean
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: late Teenage years
  • Height: 5'6| 167 cm
  • Weight: 135 lbs| 61 kg
  • Love Interest: Robin (Dick Grayson)
  • On of the five core members of the Teen Titans
  • Has nine stomachs
  • One of the three heirs to the Tamaranean Kingdom's throne
  • Daughter of the late King Myand'r and Queen Luand'r

Abilities and ArsenalEdit

  • Is skilled in Tamaranean martial arts
  • Can wield a bow and arrow effectively
  • Power runs on her emotions
  • Unbridled Joy: Fuels her natural flight
  • Righteous Fury: Enables her to use energy projection
  • Eye beams: Green version of the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
  • Starbolts: Radioactive energy beams that have thermal and explosive power behind them
  • Can fly in space and has immunity to heat and radiation
  • Kisses people to learn new languages. Yes

Feats & VictoriesEdit

  • Traveled through time and reunited the Teen Titans in the battle against Warp, meeting Nightwing in the process
  • Pushed back a meteor that threatened the Earth
  • Broke through a barrier powered by the core of an entire planet
  • Flew across the solar system while undergoing alien puberty
  • Flew past the moon in a fraction of a second
  • Was unharmed while at the epicenter of an explosion that was powerful enough to destroy Saturn
  • Defeated her evil sister : Blackfire on numerous occasions
  • Stood up to the planet-busting reality warper: Trigon and bested his heralds
  • Dodged a beam of light from Dr. Light in mid-combat

Weaknesses & FlawsEdit

  • Sneezes starbolts rather than snot
  • Allergic to metallic chromium
  • Not particularly intellectual
  • Young and naive to Earth's customs and thus comes off as stupid at times
  • Is not exactly used to solo combat considering she usually relies on teamwork
  • Not as fast as her comic book counterpart
  • Not as 'hawt' as her comic counterpart
  • Her power decreases depending on her mood
  • Teen Titans Go!
  • She settled for Robin
    • Seriously, Robin!?