Fight for Freedom!
~ Sonic Blast Man

Sonic Blast Man is the main protagonist in his eponymous video gaming franchise.

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  • Age: Seems to be in his 20s-30s
  • Species: Human
  • Place of Birth: Stated that he came from another planet
  • Alignment: Orderly Good
  • Profession: Superhero

Skills & Abilities Edit

  • Expert Martial Artist: Sonic Blast Man has many different fighting techniques such as punching, kicking, grabbing, wind-up punches, flip-kicks, judo-throws, etc.
  • Flight: Sonic Blast Man can fly in the air like when he flied back to the Earth from a far-away space station.
  • Energy Manipulation: Sonic Blast Man can use energy for various attack. He can seemingly channel it through his body, primarily through his fists.
    • Energy Waves: Sonic Blast Man is capable of concentrating energy into a powerful forward blast that pushes enemies back.
  • Dynamite Punch: Sonic Blast Man concentrates all the energy into his fist and punches the ground with 100 Metric Tons of force.
  • Screw Bomb: Sonic Blast Man jumps up and spins around rapidly.
  • Sonic Uppercut: Sonic Blast Man can perform an uppercut and shoots a half-moon shaped fireball from his fist at the same time.

Equipment Edit

  • Food: Various foods such as apples, hamburgers and chickens can restore Sonic Blast Man's power.
  • Super Glove: The Super Glove can increase the number of Sonic Blast Man's Dynamite Punches.

Feats & Stats Edit

  • Punched a rushing train to rescue a strapped woman on rail in the arcade version's opening (Strength)
  • Punched a mean merchant straight into the wall (Strength)
  • Stopped and destroyed a meteor that was at least the size of the moon from destroying the Earth (Strength)
  • Flew back to the Earth from a far-away space station to stop a gigantic meteor as it was approachin the Earth (Speed)
    • Meteors typically enter the atmosphere at 72 km/s or approximately Mach 210

Skills & Experiences Edit

  • Protected a woman being assaulted by a thug (Combat Experience)
  • Saved a baby carriage pushed in the middle of the freeway by accident, and a truck will soon run over it (Combat Experience)
  • Took down an armed group who took control of a building that is now its center of operations (Combat Experience)
  • Defeated a giant crab that is terrorizing a cruise ship (Combat Experience)

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  • Seems to get dizzy from rotations rather easily (Fault)
  • Dynamite Punch is limited (Weakness)

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