Sharptooth is the main antagonist of The Land Before Time.

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Fatal Fiction Info Edit

Background Edit

  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 12ft
  • Length: 40ft
  • Weight: 9 tons
  • Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Food: Meat

Abilities Edit

  • Sharp teeth
  • Strong bite
  • Tail
  • Claws
  • Talons
  • Speed
  • Powerful strength
  • Near supernatural durability
  • Hunting skills
  • Incredible leaping abilities

Feats Edit

  • Killed Littlefoot's mother
  • Can destroy rocks bigger than himself with mere headbutts
  • Survived falling into a canyon during the Great Earthshake
  • Can see fine even with an injured eye
  • Withstood tailswipes from Littlefoot's mother that sent him flying through the air
  • Jumped straight into the air onto a cliff
  • Has no ill effects after hitting his head on solid rock

Weaknesses Edit

  • Small brain
  • Short arms
  • Can't swim
  • Damaged eye