Servants, come forth from the gates of Hell! Attack! Rid my master's castle of this pest!
~ Shaft before fighting Jack Henry Dappen or Maria Renard

Hmm, intriguing. Strong indeed. Very well, then. Face me!
~ Shaft before fighting Jack Henry Dappen or Maria Renard after one or the other defeated his summoned minions

I am the Dark Priest called Shaft. This world must be cleansed in the forge of chaos.
~ Shaft to Alucard

For centuries, vampire hunters have defeated evil using holy power. But if two vampire hunters where to fight each other...
~ Shaft to Alucard

Shaft is another trustworthy servant of Dracula himself and is the Priest of Chaos. Like Death, he is another major antagonist in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood as well as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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Prior to the events of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Shaft managed to help resurrect Dracula and aided in his plans to kidnap several young girls, which includes Maria Renard as well as Annette.



  • Age: Unknown (assume to be old)
  • Species: Human (became a Ghost later on)
  • Alignment: Discordant Evil
  • Profession: Dark Priest of Chaos


  • Orbs of Sorcery: Shaft will bring up to a total of seven Orbs and they are capable of doing the following under his command.
    • Flame Mode: Shaft can set his Orbs of Sorcery on fire in order to be used as a flaming projectile against his target. Furthermore, they can create flaming pillars.
    • Lightning Bolts: Shaft can set his Orbs of Sorcery to conjure lightning bolts. Furthermore, Shaft can use them to cause a electrical storm.
    • Bouncing Orbs: Shaft can set his Orbs of Sorcery to bounce off walls that will deal damage to anyone caught by the bouncing orbs.
    • Mind Control: Shaft can use one of his Orbs of Sorcery to bring even powerful foes like Jack Henry Dappen under his control. The Orb itself is invisible and while it can be destroyed, it can only be seen by means of powerful spells and items that can see through evil illusions such as the Holy Glasses.
    • Giant Ball: Shaft can teleport into a giant ball that will grant him the ability to levitate. It also acts as a barrier.


  • Summon Minions: Shaft can summon powerful minions to help aid Dracula whenever needed, this includes the Giant Bat, Medusa, The Mummy, The Creature, The Behemoth and The Wyvern.
  • Teleport: If Shaft is attacked at close range, he will teleport from a distance behind his opponent.
  • Flight: Even as a Ghost, Shaft can fly above his opponents.

Feats & Stats

  • Managed to brainwash Richter Belmont in order to make him the lord of Castlevania (Skill)
  • Somehow found the graves of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Grant Danasty, resurrected them as special zombies (Skill)



  • In the Japanese version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Shaft somehow found the graves of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Grant Danasty in an attempt to kill Alucard. It should be pointed out that Konami in the US and the UK found it so offensive they decided to change them to just fake versions of the said trio.