STOOFA is one of the robots from Collateral Damages 2.

Fanon Wiki ideas so far Edit

History Edit

STOOFA and AKO21 were both sent to the city to destroy everything in their path. They either succeeded or were eventually destroyed by the military.

Fatal Fiction Info Edit

Background Edit

  • Height: Unknown (Taller than AKO21)
  • Weight: Likely more than 3.5-23.5 metric tons, which is likely AKO21's weight
  • Mission: Same as AKO21
  • Batteries restore it's health

Spiked Wrecking Balls Edit

  • Are actually it's hands
  • Can extend and strike enemies
  • Takes less time to destroy buildings than AKO21's bullets do

Shield Edit

  • Width: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Indestructible

Gun Edit

  • Located in torso
  • Has the same amount of ammo as AKO21's gun
  • Bullets can also destroy anything
  • Only works when STOOFA jumps for some reason

Feats Edit

  • Durability is equal to that of AKO21's
  • Capable of destroying entire cities
  • Likely survived a fall from a ship (It is unknown if it's true however)

Weaknesses Edit

  • Lacks a jetpack
  • Would lose a footrace to AKO21
  • Like AKO21, will be destroyed by too much damage