Play with me?
~ Ristar

Ristar is a character from the titular SEGA Genesis video game.

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  • Age: Unknown (Is said to be very young and inexprienced)
  • Species: Shooting Star
  • Place of Birth: Valdi System
  • Height: Short
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Alignment: Good
  • Profession: Son of Hero of the Solar System

Skills & Abilities Edit

  • Stretchy Arms: Ristar can stretch out his arms up to 5 feet in any direction. He can grab, lift or punch anything he can get his hands on. His arms also allows him swim at a much faster pace while underwater.
  • Star Headbutt: After grabbing the enemy, Ristar delivers a powerful headbutt to them. It can break through metal.
  • Meteor Strike: Ristar used this to fly at speeds faster than light after swinging from the Star Handle. He can bounce off of walls and the ground and becomes temporarily invincible.


  • Anti-Gravity Shoes: Allows Ristar to swim/fly in the air shortly for a small time.
  • Red Star: Makes Ristar faster and invincible for a short period of time.

Feats Edit

  • Can flip giant monsters (Strength)
  • Can destroy giant robots by headbutting them (Strength)
  • Can crash through walls with ease (Strength)
  • Hit Itamor with enough force to sink a small platform in the background of his boss fight in Planet Freon (Strength)
  • Dodged Greedy's lasers (Speed)
  • Escaped Greedy's black hole which devoured his Space City, which appears to be planet-sized when compared to the other planets of the Valdi System (Speed)
  • Can fly to neighboring planets in seconds (Speed)
  • Can move past stars and between planets almost instantly (Speed)
  • Created distances of two galaxies in a matter of seconds (Speed)
  • Can crash through walls without a scratch (Durability)
  • Tanked atmospheric re-entry (Durability)
  • Went toe to toe against Kaiser Greedy and the 6 planet leaders, surviving their attacks (Durability)
    • Kaiser Greedy is able to create singularities that had potency to devour and destroy the galaxy in it's entirety should it grow any bigger of a mass
  • Can produce massive galactic shines which span and can be seen covering large amounts of the Valdi System which contains at least two galaxies in the center of it followed by a Nebula Cloud in the middle (Skill)
  • Defeated Kaiser Greedy and the 6 planet leaders across the Valdi System (Skill)
  • Rescued his father "The Legendary Hero" (Skill)