Ridley is a recurring antagonist in the Metroid series.

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Background Edit

  • Real name: Geoform 187
  • Alias: Meta Ridley, Omega Ridley, Proteus Ridley, Neo Ridley, Little Birdie, Mystery Creature, Cunning God of Death
  • Age: Around 100 years or so
  • Height: 12-13ft
  • Weight: Probably around a metric ton
  • Commander, security chief and general of the Space Pirate military
  • Samus Aran's archenemy

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Plasma Breath
  • Fire Breath
  • Flight
  • Tail
  • Teeth
  • Claws
  • Intelligence
  • Regeneration
  • Skin Pigment Manipulation
  • Extreme determination and pain resistance
  • Immense strength

Forms Edit

  • Meta Ridley
    • Tests done by the Space Pirates showed he was now stronger, faster, and more mobile
    • Can fly through space without a problem
    • Has extremely durable armor
    • Also has the following weapons built into him:
      • Kinetic Breath System
      • Meson Bomb Launcher
      • Ultrathermal Flamestrike Projector
      • Multi-Missile System
  • Omega Ridley
    • Achieved when Meta Ridley was exposed to large amounts of Phazon
    • Has very durable Phazon-enhanced skin and protective armor plating
    • Kinetic Breath Weapon
    • Can shoot large blasts of Phazon from his tail.
      • Can spin in place to use both attacks at once.
    • Fireballs
      • Large ones move in a straight line
      • Small ones can home in on targets
    • Can slash with his claws covered with a Phazon blade
    • Can use a shockwave similar to that of the Ultrathermal Flamestrike Projector
    • Can do another shockwave which produces an electrical cave-like structure via Phazon orbs

Feats Edit

  • Easily tosses around and carries Samus in one hand
  • Strong enough to easily restrain Samus with one hand, who is capable of tossing around massive creatures with ease
    • Samus has to stun Ridley in order to break free further showing his strength
  • Easily burst through a stone ceiling
  • Able to easily rip through metal designed to not melt under the heat of molten lava
    • Did so in a bruised and bloody state
  • Claw and tail swipes can hurt Samus, who was unfazed by a mountain destroying blast
  • Can destroy entire starships
  • Easily faster than Samus
    • Samus is calculated to be FTL in speed/Reactions
  • Can dodge missiles and laser blasts
  • Outpaced Samus's relativistic ship on numerous occasions
  • Flies circles around regular space craft
  • Unfazed by most of Samus's weapons
  • Missiles, Super Missiles, Charged Shots, and Power Bombs are her only weapons capable of hurting him
    • Power Bombs completely burn away living cells living nothing behind Ridley can take at least three of them
    • Only stunned by a Super Missile to the mouth
  • Can actually use lava as a hiding place, being unaffected by the intense heat
  • Survived a explosion that destroyed a entire colony
  • Survived having a Metroid feed on him multiple times
  • Can survive unprotected in space
  • Has lead multiple successful raids/battles in the name of the space pirates
    • Is actually their designated military leader and before Mother Brain was in fact leader of the entire organization
  • Has escaped death on numerous occasions
  • Captured the last Metroid from a research facility, killing everyone inside
    • When Samus showed up, he fought her to a draw before fleeing due to the station's eminent explosion
  • Actually beat Samus in their first encounter on Zebes
  • Came close to killing Samus on SR388 before the Baby Metroid saved her
  • In the manga is stated to be able to single handily take out entire Space Fleets
  • One of three beings known to survive a attack from a Metroid
  • Made it into Smash BBY!

Weaknesses Edit

  • Overconfident
  • Despite his cunning, he is extremely blood-thirsty
  • Extremely arrogant
  • Has unintentionally created his greatest rival
  • Healing factor has limits
  • Defeated by Samus every time
  • Killed by Samus.
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