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Rayman is a character from his eponymous series. He was going to star in the upcoming battle Mario and Luigi VS Rayman and Globox until Proto Dude announced that the show was cancelled.

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  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Klonoa
  • Spyro the Dragon
  • Pac-Man
  • Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)


Background Edit

  • Age: 100< (Legends)
  • Species: Thingamajig
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Alignment: Orderly Good
  • Profession: Guardian of the Glade of Dreams

Abilities Edit

  • Telescopic Fist: Allows Rayman to throw his fist far away before making it return back to him.
  • Bodyshot: Allows Rayman to throw his torso downwards for a smash attack.
  • Magic Fist: Can shoot energy balls which bounce off walls and enemies. It can also be charged for a more powerful blast.
  • Helicopter Hair: Can spin his hair rapidly like a helicopter blade to slow his descent or fly in the air.
  • Grimace: Can perform a funny face gesture which can scare enemies and change evil black lums back into red lums.
  • Size Changing: Can change his size by jumping through a funnel.

Equipment Edit

  • Plunger Gun: A gun which can shoot plungers and seems to have an endless supply. Can redirect missiles and destroy metal ships.
  • Lums Radar: A special device that helps Rayman to find yellow lums by indicating the direction of the nearest lum.
  • Funkyboard: Can be used either as a skateboard or a snowboard and has rocket boosters on it's back.
  • Rain Mask: Allows Rayman to perform a rain dance and summon a rain storm in-front of him.

Laser-Washing Powders Edit

  • Vortex: Can throw miniature tornadoes that can screw platforms and turn enemies tiny.
  • Heavy Metal Fist: Doubles Rayman's strength twice with metal-spiked fists.
  • Lockjaw: Can shoot metal jaws on a chain that latches and electrifies the enemy or allows Rayman to swing through the air with flying hooks.
  • Shock Rocket: Can shoot a remote-controlled missile that explodes on impact.
  • Throttle Copter: Wears a helicopter pilot helmet which has a propeller on it's top that allows Rayman to fly higher into the air.

Feats & Stats Edit

  • Can defeat enemies many times his size often by punching them in certain spots (Strength)
  • Can destroy pure metal cages with his fist (Strength)
  • Managed to damage/destroy the Robot Pirates' small transport ship (Strength)
  • Swung and threw around a full-grown cow on a chain (Strength)
  • Can let loose a giant belch that can destroy an entire section of the city (Strength)
  • Flew upward with his helicopter hair while carrying three other people (Strength)
  • Can hold onto and control an ignited powder keg as it rockets through the air (Strength)
  • Punched a Dark Teensie to a small moon in a constellation in the sky, shooking it entirely from the impact (Strength)
  • Can avoid lightning attacks from Reflux (Speed)
  • Can narrowly avoid gunfire (Speed)
  • Can react to heat-seeking missiles (Speed)
  • Can outrun his evil clone, Dark Rayman (Speed)
  • Managed to escape a collapsing structure by jumping across falling debris (Speed)
  • Survived the explosion of Moody Clouds which is the size of an island (Durability)
  • Survived the bomb set off after defeating the Grolgoth which destroyed the Buccaneer (Durability)
    • The ship was large enough to hold at least 45,283 prisoners and 2 levels
  • Survived the explosion of the Horrible Machine which blew up the entire Hoodlum base (Durability)
  • Can survive being blew up by a TNT which was able to blow a Rabbid all the way into space (Durability)
  • Can survive blows from Clark the Giant (Durability)
    • According to the in-game lore, Clark is strong enough to literally "carve out the landspace" including folding flat plains into hills
  • Can survive being flattened (Durability)
  • Can survive being hit by lightning, missiles and lasers (Durability)
  • Falled from an airship at a long height to the ground (Durability)
  • Defeated Jano, who is the First Bad Dream (Skill)
  • Defeated Mr. Dark who can cause an explosion that blew up an entire mountain (Skill)
  • Defeated Admiral Razorbeard and his robot pirate army (Skill)
  • Defeated Polokus's 4 guardians and received 4 masks to wake him up (Skill)
  • Defeated Reflux who is the strongest of the Knaarens and the Hoodlum army (Skill)
  • Saved his world and the Earth from Rabbids (Skill)
  • Collected all the Incrediball eggs and restored the Sacred Tree (Skill)
  • Escaped Rigatoni's circus and evaded the police (Skill)
  • Defeated the skilled hunter Count Razoff and the witch Bégoniax (Skill)
  • In Rayman Junior, retaught the entire world of it's knowledge after Mr. Dark stole all of it (Skill)

Resistances & Immunities Edit

Faults & Weaknesses Edit

  • Body parts can be easily separated since Rayman doesn't have any limbs, like how Globox took his hands in Rayman 3 (Weakness)

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