Whether technologically or biologically, these hack-n'-slashing mercenaries have been engineered. Which warrior will be cut to ribbons?



As the screen is completely dark, the sound of a door opening can be heard

Well, this is the address that strange guy sent us to. There's almost nothing in here.

Oh! Wasn't this the headquarters of that Fatal Fiction show? That was on the sign on the front.

You're probably right. This building being abandoned makes sense considering the show was cancelled some time ago.

I just thought: maybe we should pick this show up and do episode for it alongside Death Battle.

No, Death Battle's enough to manage as it is.

But just think about it Wiz. Two shows would mean double the money and subscribers.

Alright, fine. This extra job better be worth it...

The InterludeEdit

(cue Mortal Kombat Theme)

Engineering's created many deadly warriors in fiction.

But few are as deadly as these two. Raiden, the White Devil.

And Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth.

He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

And it's our job to examine both warrior's strengths, abilities, weapons and weaknesses to see who would win a Death Ba- uh I mean Fatal Fiction.


As a young child in Liberia, Jack's parents were killed and he was adopted by soon-to-be USA president George Sears.

That sounds cool until it was revealed that George was actually Solidus Snake, the guy who killed Jack's parents.


Fatal FictionEdit