Pac-Man is the titular protagonist of his eponymous series. He previously fought against Kirby in the eleventh episode of Fatal Fiction: Pac-Man VS Kirby.

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  • Modeled after a pizza pie missing a slice
  • Has a variety of professions ranging from maze explorer to professor to a time traveler
  • Wen home and became a family man, having a child with Ms. Pac-Man
  • Is friends with Mario (yes, the plumber)
  • Most recognizable video game character of all time
  • Has a Pac-Sense
    • Totally not ripping off of the Spider Sense

Abilities & ArsenalEdit

  • Butt Bounce: Crushes his enemies with the sheer weight of his round yellow ass
  • Rev Roll: A cooler version of Sanic's spindash
  • Electricity: Exactly What it says on the tin
  • Pac-Bullet: Shoots his pac-dots as bullets
  • Power Pills: Have different effects such as letting him eat ghosts, grow/shrink, become etal, increase his speed, etc.
  • Mokujin Mech: A battlesuit mech that he can pilot
  • Planet Berry: Lets him become his own planet

Feats & StatsEdit

  • Regularly makes a fool out of the Ghost Gang
  • Can react and fight while moving at faster than light speeds
  • Defeated King Galaxian and his army, king Anubis, Toc-Man, Betrayus, Mollusk, etc.
  • Stonger than Spooky, who could destroy all of Pac-Land and rain meteors
  • Saved the universe from a spectral paradox
  • Flew through the solar system without a speed power-up and grew to the size of a plane before eating another planet

Skills & Experiences Edit

Resistances & Immunities Edit

Faults & WeaknessesEdit

  • Can only use one power-up at a time
  • Some Power-ups only work on ghosts
  • Power-ups have very clear time limits
  • Needed deus ex machina to defeat Spooky
  • Died three seperate times on Robot Chicken
  • Could never get pass Level 256
  • Had to get his name changed from Puck-Man to Pac-Man in order to avoid vandalization
  • Seriously, Fuck Ghostly Adventures