Nokturnus is the god of destruction and silencing from Dragon Quest

DQMBRV - Nokturnus

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Fatal Fiction InfoEdit


  • Name: Nokturnus, Dark Dream, Dark Drium
  • Height: Roughly 10 feet tall
  • Origin: Another dimension
  • Likes: Suffering of people in their dreams, destruction, end of the universe
  • Dislikes: Being controlled or having someone in charge of him

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • His duel bladed spear which he can split into two duelswords 
  • Able to smite people while he is in another dimension
  • Able to teleport to people's dimensions that are nearly innacessable 
  • Spells
    • Pearly Gates: Opens the gates of heaven and shines a heavenly cross of holy energy at the opponent
    • Disruptive Wave: Negates all transformations, powerups, and summons
    • Big Bang: Starts a collosal explosions which cause revurberations of more explosions
    • Oomph: Double his attack potency
    • Buff: Doubles his durability
    • Kafrizzle: Ingnites a massive pillar of fire
    • Lullab-Eye: Causes an opponent to fall asleep with the glaring of his eye
    • Hellfire: Breathes out hellish flames, it is even hotter than his breath attack called White Fire. And White fire is 9008.33 degrees fahrenheit
    • C-C-Cold Breath: Breathes out freezing cold breath
    • Magic Burst: Nokturnus's ultimate spell, he concentrates 100% of all of his magic stamina than unleashes it in a massive explosion. He loses all of his magic stamina doing this.
    • He still has a technique which regains all of his magic points back



  • If his opponent is leagues weaker than him, he will toy with him
  • Somewhat weak to holy magic