Meta Knight VS Berserker Lancelot
  • The-Myth-of-Legend
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date June 24, 2015
Written by The-Myth-Of-Legends
Directed by The-Myth-Of-Legends
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Meta Knight VS Berserker Lancelot is a What-If Episode of Fatal Fiction written by The-Myth-Of-Legend. It features Meta Knight from Kirby and Berserker Lancelot from Fate/Zero.

Description Edit

Kirby VS Fate/Zero! Which Dark Knight will prevail? Will Meta Knight prove too quick for the raging knight? Or will Berserker Lancelot slay Kirby's mentor?

Interlude Edit

Myth: Knights. They are one of the oldest warriors in fiction, slaying dragons and besting many foes.

Soul: But today, we have two dark knights. This gonna be edgy.

Myth: Meta Knight, the rival to Kirby...

Soul: And Berserker Lancelot, the raging servant from Fate/Zero.


Suddenly, a man fell dead next to them and another man walked in.





? ? ?: The one with the memes. Mr. Stupid.

Myth: Oh, fuck me! Not this guy! Who did you shoot?

Mr. Stupid: Mauser. Hated that shit-head.

Myth: So why here?

Mr. Stupid: I heard that you needed help. So I came.

Myth: To help?

Mr. Stupid: I just said I came.  

Soul: Oh, OK. Anyways, hes Myth, I'm Soul, he's Conormcal and were gonna analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a FATAL FICTION!

Mr. Stupid: Why couldn't I do the title drop? I'm the guest. I get the nice treatment.

Meta Knight Edit

  • First Appearance: "Kirby's Adventure" (1993)
  • Occupation: Star Warrior, Swordsman, Owner of the Halberd
  • Age: Unknown, however, he is older than Kirby who is at least 200 years old
  • Species: Unknown, possibly Kirby
  • Theme: Meta Knight's Revenge

Feats Edit

  • Owns the Halberd, a giant, flying battleship
  • Defeated Galacta Knight, the strongest warrior in the galaxy
  • Has consistently fought Kirby
  • -Has one victory over Kirby
  • Survived a war that lasted thousands of years
  • Has slain many beings, ranging from a freaking tree to a king penguin 
  • Proudly became the best character on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tier list
  • -Has been banned from some tourneys for being so utterly broken
  • Has a dank Spanish voice in the anime

Myth: Over a thousand years ago, the vile Nightmare declared war. In the end, good prevailed but at the cost of many lives.

Soul: Despite the losses, the war did have survivors.

Mr. Stupid: One of which was a blue midget with a sword.

Myth: That legendary midget was... Meta Knight.

Mr. Stupid: This dude is edgy. I can see it in his design. Probably says, "Wheres that DAMN puffball?!" and uses guns.

Physicality Edit

Strength Edit

  • Supported the strength of a building sized Dedede statue
  • Has consistently went toe to toe with Kirby who can bust planets
  • Defeated Galacta Knight, one of the strongest Kirby villains

Speed Edit

  • Flew across the galaxy in a few seconds
  • Reacted to attacks from Kirby and other deadly fighters

Durability Edit

  • Can survive hits from Kirby

Myth: Meta Knight can certainly hold his own in battle-

Mr. Stupid: Well no shit. The dude was in a war that lasted a thousand years and lived while fighting fucking monsters. You don't just stroll on in there with a god damn spoon and proceed to curb-stomp everyone.

Soul: Meta Knight is very powerful! His blade is strong enough to lift a mountain... still not as good as his best feat: Going toe to toe with Galacta Knight!

Myth: And since Galacta Knight is one of the strongest villains in the Kirby universe which includes planet busters...

Soul: Meta Knight is a planet buster.

Mr. Stupid: But powerscaling isn't legit-

Soul: Oh, your gonna be one of those guys, aren't ya? I'll bring Mauser back to life if you keep this up-


Myth: Anyways, Meta Knight can also tank blows from Kirby.

Soul: Planet level durability as well! Woohoo!

Myth: But Meta Knight really exceeds in the speed department. Meta Knight can fly across a galaxy in just a few seconds with relative ease.

Galaxia Edit

  • Made by Photron, ruler of the fire people
  • Indestructible blade
  • If Meta Knight is not injured, he can fire small, sword lasers
  • Can rapid-fire lasers
  • Can create tornadoes
  • Meta Knight can use Spin Slashes and Upward Slashes

Mach Tornado Edit

  • Whirls up like a tornado and spins around, cutting things up in the process

Drill Rush Edit

  • Meta Knight rushes forward and spins with his blade pointed forward

Shuttle Loop Edit

  • Meta Knight slashes at you once and then glides
  • In future games, he no longer does this but instead does two slashes

Mr. Stupid: Meta Knight's favorite weapon is Galaxia.

Myth: Galaxia was made by Photron, ruler of the fire people. This sword lets Meta Knight create tornadoes, slash foes up and even drill through opponents!

Soul: He can also use the Shuttle Loop attack! Originally, Meta Knight would slash once before flying forward at enemies but since he was OP as fuck in Brawl, this was nerfed to a simple double slash without flight.

Dimensional Cape Edit

  • Essentially, its a short-ranged teleport
  • Can slash out of the teleport

Myth: Meta Knight can also use the Dimensional Cape to teleport. He can even slash out of it as a defensive option.

Meta Knightmare Abilities Edit

  • Can select up to four different abilities
  • Upon using an ability, Meta Knight wastes a certain amount of points

Meta Quick Edit

  • Requires 8 points to use
  • Speeds up Meta Knight 

Heal Edit

  • Requires 10 points to use
  • Heals Meta Knight

Knight Call Edit

  • Requires 2 points to use
  • Summons either Sword Knight or Blade Knight to Meta Knight's aid
  • Arguably not allowed due to no outside help

Mach Tornado Edit

  • Requires 30 points to use
  • Meta Knight jumps up, spins around and summons two tornadoes to cover the entire arena and cause destruction
  • Does A LOT of damage

Soul: Meta Knight also has access to four separate abilities but it requires a certain amount of points to activate.

Myth: 8 points allows Meta Knight to speed himself up.

Soul: 10 points lets him heal himself up after getting damaged.

Mr. Stupid: 2 points lets him call up one of his fellow gang members to help him beat the crap out of his enemies. Wait, he just calls them up and they obey. Slavery? Wow, this guys an asshole.

Myth: And when he gets 30 points, Meta Knight can use a buffed version of the Mach Tornado. It has GREAT range and does a ton of damage.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Sometimes reliant on outside help -This is rare, however
  • Doesn't have too much experience without his sword
  • Banned from some Brawl tournaments - ...seriously, guys? If you wanna beat Meta Knight just spam bananas with Diddy Kong! Or the Ice Grabbers!

Soul: Despite being a rather badass warrior, Meta Knight ain't perfect. He RARELY gets outside help and doesn't have too much experience without his sword BUT his biggest weakness... is that hes banned from some Brawl tourneys.

Myth: Why is this a weakne-


Myth: ...why are you even here?

Soul: However, banned or not, Meta Knight is a skilled badass!

Myth: Nobody answer me. That's fine.

Meta Knight: "Victory is my destiny!"

Berserker Lancelot Edit

  • Height: 6'3''
  • Weight: 178 lbs
  • Titles: Black Knight; Knight of the Lake; Mad Dog
  • Race: Human (formerly); Heroic Spirit
  • Servant Class: Berserker
  • Origins: Arthurian Legend (England)
  • Master(s): Kariya Matou (Fourth Holy Grail War)
  • Noble Phantasms: Arondight (A++), For Someone's Glory (B), Knight of Honor (A++)
  • Alignment: Lawful Mad
  • Theme: Fate/Zero - The Berserker

Feats Edit

  • As Lancelot of the Lake, became one of

the greatest of Artoria Pendragon's Knights of the Round Table; considered to be the greatest knight to ever live, even

  • ➣Slayed dragons, monsters and armies singlehandedly; even overpowering and defeating other Knights in duels
  • Has contended with Gilgamesh - one of the most powerful Servants in the Nasuverse - on more than one occasion
  • ➣Fought him to a standstill the first time
  • ➣Forced a standstill a second time, by defeating Gilgamesh in an aerial dogfight
  • Has fought and survived against powerful Servants such as Saber, Gilgamesh and Rider/Iskander
  • Bested Saber in their first battle
  • ➣Overpowered and nearly killed her during their final confrontation, using Arondight

Mr. Stupid: Holy shit! Is that Darth Vader?

Myth: Once a noble knight of the Lake, Lancelot was a good friend of Arthur... until he... uhhh-

Soul: Was found with Arthur's wife. Since then, there friendship hasn't been as good. Soon, Lancelot left, a civil war started and then chaos unfolded. Then Lancelot went from good guy... to bad guy-

Mr. Stupid: This guy is Darth fucking Vader. Prove me wrong. Dark armor, fallen hero backstory, its Darth Vader. By the way, have y'all seen Moonman? What a great guy.

Myth: What does that have to do with this?

Mr. Stupid: Moonman could honestly beat Meta Knight and Darth Vader or whoever that is at the same time. Lets be real.

Servant Stats Edit

Berserker-Class Average Stats Edit

  • Strength: C
  • Mana: E
  • Endurance: D
  • Luck: E
  • Agility: D
  • Noble Phantasm: N/A

Lancelot's Stats Edit

  • Strength: A
  • Mana: C
  • Endurance: A
  • Luck: B
  • Agility: A+
  • Noble Phantasm: A

Myth: In the world of Fate, Berserkers are primarily focused on strength which would make sense once you look at their bulky size and overall aggressive approach. Also, Berserker Lancelot are technically the strongest class BUT thanks to Prana - essentially mana - they can be weaker than other classes.

Class Skills Edit

Mad Enhancement Edit

  • Raises basic parameters and power levels
  • Deteriorates sanity and rational thought in exchange for this
  • ➣In some cases, can even seal away Personal Skills
  • Lancelot's Rank: C
  • ➣Rank up for all parameters except Luck and Mana; removes ability to think and speak properly

Soul: Thanks to Mad Enhancement, Berserker can raise his power at the cost of his sanity.

Mr. Stupid: Like me whenever I hear your horrible voices. Whoops. Sorry for burning you.

Personal Skills Edit

Eternal Arms Mastership Edit

-Prevents degradation of fighting skills, even under the effect of mental hindrance
-Lancelot's Rank: A+
➣Mastership of combat arts reached the point of being unrivalled during his era
➣Via complete merging of mind, body and technique, can use full fighting ability, even when under the influence of madness

Magic Resistance Edit

-Grants protection against magical effects
-Lancelot's Rank: E (D)
➣Cannot cancel spells, but magic damage is reduced somewhat
➣Was originally a D, thanks to a magic ring, but was ranked down due to Mad Enhancement

Protection of the Fairies Edit

-A blessing from the Elementals -Increases one's Luck in dangerous situations -Only works once per battlefield, where it is possible to perform feats of arms -Lancelot's Rank: A

Myth: Lancelot has magical resistance.

Soul: Pokemon/Stay Night-

Mr. Stupid: Oh, that was real funny. You replaced Fate with the name of another franchise. How funny.

Soul: I hate you.

Mr. Stupid: Thanks.

Myth: Anyways, Berserker Lancelot is a master of various weapons, easily being able to use multiple weapons and understanding them very quickly.


Superhuman Strength

-Lifting Strength: at least Class 25+ ➣Physically stronger than Saber, who could lift and throw an entire trailer truck with ease
-Striking Power: Class PJ+ (Petajoules; Citybusting+)
➣Physically stronger than Saber, who was capable of matching Berserker/Heracles in clashes
-Physically overpowered Saber, whose strikes could pulverize steel through the released friction alone
-Strong enough to have overpowered monsters and dragons

Superhuman Speed and Reflexes

-Fast enough to keep up with Saber and Rider in combat
-Speed Level: Massively Hypersonic (at least 'Mach 206.3221990687'+)
➣Agility Rank is higher than that of Medea/Caster (C-Rank), who was fast enough to react to Archer's arrows, fired and travelling at that speed
➣Reflexes fast enough to catch a weapon thrown via Gilgamesh's Gates of Babylon, and then counter a second

Superhuman Stamina

-Seemingly nigh-tireless, if he has enough mana

Superhuman Durability

-Durability Level: at least City Level+ with armour
➣With Excalibur, Saber had split a large cloud via a burst of magic, the power of said slash calculated at 385.11 megatons' -Has endured strikes from Excalibur, city block-destroying explosions, powerful magical blasts, Gilgamesh's Gates of Babyon, and Iskander's chariot

Soul: Lancelot is no pushover. Hes tanked city block busting attacks, out-muscled Saber, fast enough to match Rider Iskandar and... never seems to tire!

Myth: He needs Mana to not tire.

Mr. Stupid: This sounds way too complex for him. Settle down, guys.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Melee Combat Expertise Edit

  • Trained to master all forms of melee combat in life
  • Proficient Martial Artist

Master Swordsman Edit

  • ➣In life, said to have been the greatest swordsmen of the Round Table
  • ➣Supposedly greater than even Saber
  • ➣Fought Gawain to a total standstill in combat, before killing him at night

Proficient Gunslinger Edit

  • ➣Has utilized firearms in battle frequently over the course of the Fourth Holy Grail War

Talented Pilot Edit

  • Was able to defeat Gilgamesh in an aerial dogfight, by piloting an F-15 jet
  • ➣Could perform stunts such as an Immelmann turn, a full vertical descent, skilled dodges against tracking projectiles, and barrel rolls that produce enough G-force to instantly kill a human pilot with organ rupture

Master Rider Edit

  • Could have potentially fit in the Rider Class, under a different circumstance of summoning
  • -Capable of riding numerous different steeds
  • ➣Horses
  • ➣Cars
  • ➣Military vehicles
  • ➣Jets

Soul: Lancelot is a master swordsman, plowing down foes with his massive blade! On top of that, Good ol' Lancey can utilize guns. Also... HE CAN POSSESS MACHINES.

Myth: Uhhh... sort of... Lancelot takes over the machine... and can even fly it like a professional pilot. Barrel-rolls-

Mr. Stupid: Nobody crack that joke. Seriously, don't. No please. God help us all. I'm the one with the memes and even I hate that meme.

Weapons and Items Edit

Ring Amulet Edit

  • Protects Lancelot from magical attacks
  • Originally provided rank-D protection; however, Mad Enhancement dropped it down to class E

Enchanted Armour Edit

  • Conceals Lancelot's identity, alongside his first Noble Phantasm
  • Greatly augments his durability level, due to enchantments and high-quality
  • Modern Firearms
  • Despite being a Servant from medieval times, has not hesitated to pick up and use firearms

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 Edit

  • ➣Type: Sub-machine gun
  • ➣Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum (MP5), .40 S&W (MP5/40), 10mm (MP5/10)
  • ➣Capacity: 15, 30 round box magazines, 100 round Beta-C drum magazine
  • ➣Fire Modes: Safe/Semi/Full-Auto

Barrett M82A1M Edit

  • ➣Type: Sniper Rifle
  • ➣Caliber: .50 BMG (12.7 x 99mm)
  • ➣Weight: 28.4 lbs (12.9 kg)
  • ➣Length: 57 in (144.8 cm)
  • ➣Barrel length: 29 in (73.7 cm)
  • ➣Capacity: 10-round box magazine
  • ➣Fire Modes: Semi-Auto
  • ➣An upgraded variant of the M82A1 fitted with a lengthened accessory rail, rear grip and monopod socket

M61 Vulcan Edit

  • ➣Type: Rotary Cannon
  • ➣Caliber: 20mm
  • ➣Length: 73.80 inches
  • ➣Barrel Length:
  • ➣Weight: 248 pounds
  • ➣Muzzle Velocity: 3,380 feet per second
  • ➣Cyclic rate of fire: 4,000-6,000 rounds per minute

Mitsubishi F-15J Edit

  • ➣Type: Fighter Aircraft
  • ➣Length: 63 ft 9 in (19.43 m)
  • ➣Wingspan: 42 ft 10 in (13.05 m)
  • ➣Height: 18 ft 6 in (5.63 m)
  • ➣Loaded Weight: 44,500 lb (20,200 kg)
  • ➣Max. Takeoff Weight: 68,000 lb (30,845 kg)
  • ➣Max. Speed: High Altitude: Mach 2.5+ (1,650+ mph, 2,660+ km/hm. Low Altitude: Mach 1.2 (900 mph, 1,450 km/h)
  • ➣Armaments:
  • ➣ 4 x AIM-7 Sparrow missiles
  • ➣ 4 x AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles
  • ➣ 1 x M61 Vulcan (940 rounds)
  • ➣ 1 x Flare Dispenser

Myth: Berserker Lancelot owns the Ring Amulet. This improves his magical resistance.

Mr. Stupid: Despite being from the times of dragons and shit, Lancelot can wield fucking guns. Because why not?

Soul: From a Barrett M82A1M to an M61 Vulcan, this guy has it all... and that plane? The Mitsubishi F-5J is a Fighter Aircraft. Speed-wise? Mach 2.5 at best, possibly a bit higher.

Noble Phantasms Edit

  • Referred to as "The Precious Tools"
  • Powerful weapons created with the imagination of humans as their core - Some can manifest in a conceptual way, such as a special ability, rather than a weapon
  • Embodiment of the ultimate mysteries of a hero's existence -Constructed and based off of historicla fact, anecdotes or legend
  • Traditionally, Servants only have 1; some, like Berserker, however can have up to three at max.

For Someone's Glory: Not For One's Own Body Edit

  • ➣Type: Anti-Unit
  • ➣Rank: B
  • ➣A black fog, materialized from Lancelot's tradition of winning fame and glory whilst disguised
  • ➣Alongside armour, completely obscures Lancelot's true appearance, by hiding him

inside the fog, similarly to Excalibur's Invisible Air

  • ➣True ability allows Lancelot to use it to impersonate other Heroic Spirits, however, Mad Enhancement prevents this ability being used
  • ➣Could only be used once through Command Seals from a Magus

Knight of Honor: A Knight Does Not Die with Empty Hands Edit

  • ➣Type: Anti-Unit
  • ➣Rank: A++
  • ➣The embodiment of Lancelot's duel with Phelot unarmed, in which he won by weaponizing an elm branch; manifested as a unique ability retained by his body
  • ➣Can soak items with his prana, via contact with his gauntlets; imbues onto any object capable of being conceptualized as a weapon the power of a Noble Phantasm
  • ➣Street poles are capable of enduring clashes with Excalibur
  • ➣Bullets from firearms become empowered by Lancelot's prana; capable of tearing large holes in cement (single shots), reduce a small truck into an unrecognizable mess of iron chips in a matter of moments (concentrated fire), and prove lethal to Servants, traditionally

immune to firearms

  • ➣Can hijack fighter jets - such as the F15J -, riding atop them in a manner similar to a dragon rider, with full control of it and its armaments; granting it the capability of feats far beyond its normal capacity, even moving akin to a living creature
  • ➣ Electronic guides in missiles become magical weapons, causing them to target and pursue their target relentlessly
  • ➣ Sparrow missiles become weapons capable of annihilation
  • ➣ M61 rounds are now extremely lethal to Servants      
  • ➣  Flare Despenser launches numerous tracking incendiary blasts, letting off scattered, scorching blazes capable of downing Gilgamesh's vessel - the Vimana - with their power
  • ➣Can even control other Servants' Noble Phantasms, and imbue them with Knight of Honor

Arondight: The Unfading Light of the Lake Edit

  • ➣Type: Anti-Unit
  • ➣Rank: A++
  • ➣Sister Sword to Excalibur
  • ➣Lancelot's True Noble Phantasm; for which to use, he first seals away For Someone's Glory and Knight of Honor
  • ➣Indestructible Blade, capable of receiving any attack without suffering damage;

enchanted by the Lake, and marked with Fairy Letters

  • ➣Increases all of his parameters by one rank each upon being drawn
  • ➣Strength: A ➙ A+
  • ➣Mana: C ➙ B
  • ➣Endurance: A ➙ A+
  • ➣Luck: B ➙ A
  • ➣Agility: A+ ➙ A++
  • ➣Noble Phantasm: A ➙ A+
  • ➣Success rate of saving throws (can enable Berserker to avoid or resist certain forms of attack) double
  • ➣Deals additional damage to individuals with a dragon attribute (i.e. Artoria Pendragon/Saber)

Myth: Noble Phantasms is an ability made to represent human cores. Lancelot can use 'For Someone's Glory', where he can obscure his true appearance.

Soul: 'Knight of Honor' lets him hijack things like planes and take control of them! ...or grab weapons and have complete control over them.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Incapable of rational thought, due to Mad Enhancement -Rage makes him harder to control for any Magus -Inhibits his ability to use certain abilities, such as his Magic Resistance's full potency and For
  • Someone's Glory
  • Prana Consumption is likely to kill any Master -Generally depends on the individual summoning him -Likely a non-factor in this battle, however

Myth: Sadly, Berserker Lancelot is NOT perfect. He gets angry very easily thanks to Mad Enhancement.

Soul: But once you remove that problem, what do ya get?

Mr. Stupid: You get Darth Vader.

Soul: Fuck right off.

Berserker Lancelot: "I am the alienated, the ridiculed, the despised. No need to praise my name. No need to envy my body. I am the shadow under the radiance of heroic spirits. Birthed of the darkness of glorious legend. And so, I hate, I resent. Nourished by the sighs of the people precipitated within the darkness, people that curse the light. This is my disgrace. Because of her unsullied glory, I must forever be belittled. You are, the sacrifice. Good, give me more, your blood and flesh, your life. Let them ignite my hatred!"

Fatal Fiction Edit

Myth: Alright the combatants are set- wait, wait, wait... this fight contains spoilers from Meta Knight VS Ridley so read that first.

Mr. Stupid: Ha. I raided your fridge.

Soul: You ate all the food?!

Mr. Stupid: No. I don't eat. I sold it for like, millions of dollars.

Soul: Millions of dollars. For food. OK then.


Soul: That's my line, you little-



Dream Land

A small, blue puffball with a grey mask was walking back to his ship.

The knight was experiencing a rather... odd day. He had just fought a deadly, purple dragon and won BUT Dream Land was still in ruin, regardless. He won so he shouldn't be too upset.


The thousand year old knight rolled his eyes.


The rumbling got louder...


And louder...


Suddenly... Meta Knight looked over to see... his own battleship, the Halberd, flying in the sky! The midget knight rolled his eyes. Another tragedy in Dream Land. Of course.

Meta Knight's purple, dark wings shot out and in an instant, he flew at the Halberd at blinding speeds!


Halberd Interior

(Cues: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Subspace Version 3)

Meta Knight slammed directly into the window in an instant, shattering the glass. He landed down... and didn't like what he saw.

Corpses of his men.

Slowly, Meta Knight reached toward the hilt of his sword... and pulled out a golden sword with a red gem in it. Galaxia.

He slowly walked through the ship's interior, pointing at any source of sound. He pressed on, hoping-


The knight turned to see... nothing but falling pieces of equipment. The killer was clearly still on the ship.


Meta Knight turned to see nothing once more. This time? The knight closed his eyes...

(Cues: EoSD Sakuya's Theme - Lunar Clock)


Meta Knight swung his blade back, slashing at a red, bloodied blade. The beast who held the blade jumped back. It grumbled. Meta Knight stared down the knight. He was large, towering over Meta Knight with ease. He was best to be described as your cliche dark knight... on steroids.

Meta Knight asked, "Who are you... and why are you here?"

A few seconds passed... no answer. Berserker simply grumbled in annoyance... and then lunged at Meta Knight and swung his blade down on him-

Only for Galaxia to intercept the slash and give Meta Knight enough time to jump back! The two were a good enough distance. The two knights stood there, staring the other one down, waiting for the other to make a wrong move...

And then?

One of them did move.


(Cues: Kirby Triple Deluxe - Dark Meta Knight)

The one that did move... was Meta Knight. He dashed forward and brought his blade down-

Only for Lancelot to ricochet the slash away with his sword and slam his foot into Meta Knight's mask! The mentor of Kirby fell back through the ship's interior. Berserker only grumbled at the sight of the damaged Meta Knight, walking forward to finish him off. Meta Knight may have been small but he was mad quick. His wings shot open... and he flew back onto his feet, perfectly ready for the next strike. Meta then flew forward and slashed down at Berserker! Lancelot held up his blade-

Only for Meta Knight to work around it and jab his blade directly into Lancelot's chest! Surprisingly, the raging knight endured the hit but could still feel the pain. Stumbling back, Berserker grumbled... and then slammed his hand into the ground. He began pulling up... until he pulled out a chunk of rusty metal from the ship! He tossed the chunk at Meta Knight. Thinking quickly, Kirby's mentor simply slashed at the chunk, cutting it in two.

Meta Knight dashed forward and slammed directly into the Berserker's chest! His speed quickly built up... and then he slammed through the side of the Halberd! Suddenly, the winds of the outside were quickly getting harsh. Meta Knight could barely keep his balance. With a spin of his body, the midget knight threw Lancelot off of his body! He saw the raging knight quickly drop, falling to his demise. Meta Knight turned and flew to the top of the Halberd. That wasn't too difficult.


Bottom of the Halberd   Berserker Lancelot reached a hand out... and just barely managed to grab onto the side of the Halberd.

(Cues: Kirby Super Star - Taking Over the Halberd)

Lancelot looked up. To get back on board of the battleship would prove difficult. The harsh winds combined with the climb would tear him apart-

But then he remembered. He wanted Meta Knight completely dead. The raging knight began grumbling in rage as he began to climb. He nearly lost his grip as the winds picked up. Regardless, he kept on... and eventually... he passed the hole they flew out of him. Funny thing was, Meta Knight was on top... sooooo more climbing. Berserker nearly rolled its eyes at the thought of more climbing.

He hauled his massive body over the side of the Halberd... and then he saw him. Meta Knight. With his back turned.


Meta Knight stood there, unaware of Berserker's return.


He could have sworn he heard something... must have been the wind.


The wielder of Galaxia turned around to see Berserker leap down with his sword ready to cut him up. The blade landed... and...


The top half of the Halberd was consumed in smoke. They fell through, back into the interior they were originally fighting in.

(Cues: Unknown Theme)

Meta Knight landed face first, slightly damaged from the strike. On the other hand, Berserker Lancelot landed completely unfazed... and then noticed something at the corner of his eye. A gun of some sorts. A mini-gun.


Announcer Booth

Mr. Stupid: Why is that shit in a Kirby game.

Myth: I don't know.

Soul: Excellent answer.


Swiftly, Berserker dashed at the weapon, grabbed and lifted it up... but then the gun suddenly began rumbling until it was coated in darkish energy.

The raging knight pulled the trigger...

And bullets instantly shot out, hitting Meta Knight directly in the mask! He flew back from the bullet's sheer force. Swiftly, he put up Galaxia to slash away some of the bullets.

Eventually, the wielder of Galaxia had his wings launch out and he began flying. He dodged each bullet with ease, slashing some away in the process. He made a sharp turn, swiftly darting at Berserker's chest-

Only for Berserker Lancelot to simply lift his boot and stomp on Meta Knight.

And then again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And on the final stomp, he stomped Meta Knight through the floor...

And onto a lower deck. He landed face first. Berserker jumped down the hole and stood up. The raging knight grumbled before lifting his blade up-

Metallic footsteps. Lancelot heard metallic footsteps. He turned to see...

A giant, metal, lobster-like machine made out of pure gold.

(Cues: Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Heavy Lobster)

Heavy Lobster opened up its left claw...

And a steady stream of fire came out, burning Berserker! The raging knight roared in agony as the burned him up. His whole body was in pain... but then, the knight felt something... rage. Again.

Berserker began roaring. His agony was now turned into nothing but pure, horrific rage. He stood to his tallest, tanking the flames like they were nothing. He dashed forward...

And grabbed onto Heavy Lobster's left claw! He began pulling and then...


The left claw fell off, broken and useless. However, Heavy Lobster still had a second claw. It opened the claw up-

Only for Berserker to pick up his mini-gun and throw it into the claw, jamming it! Once that happened, Heavy Lobster's claw blew up. It had no more defenses.

Lancelot... realized something. It could take all of its rage out on this defenseless machine. He lifted his blade above his head...

And began swinging. It cut directly through the middle of Heavy Lobster's body. And he kept swinging. Heavy Lobster was being slowly ripped to shreds. By the time Berserker stopped, all that remained were small chunks of metal with electricity sparking from it.

The knight calmed down... and turned to Meta Knight-

He was gone. Berserker grumbled in annoyance. Regardless, he walked forward, ready to find and murder that midget knight whenever he got the chance.

He walked forward, trying to find any signs of the Knight. He found none. The area he was now in was darker and thus restricted Lancelot's vision.

(Cues: Fate/Zero - Dogfight)

"Come back when your ready to fight me."

Berserker turned to see-

Galaxia flying at him like a spear!

The blade landed... directly in Lancelot's chest. The knight roared in furious pain. The blade was astoundingly painful. Meta Knight flew down, ready for the knight to fall down dead...

He didn't. Lancelot simply tilted its head up... and roared in rage as he reached down...

And pulled Galaxia out of his stomach! Meta Knight almost chuckled. Anyone foolish enough to wield Galaxia other than Meta Knight himself would pay the consequences.

And that's just what happened. Berserker was not worthy of the yellow blade. And so, Galaxia decided to put an end to him. The blade suddenly sent billions of volts through the raging knight's body! Once again, Lancelot roared in pain... but then, Lancelot stopped caring. The pain no longer mattered to him. As he held onto Galaxia, he adjusted to the electricity...

And then looked at Meta Knight. Meta Knight's eyes widened in shock as he realized something: Berserker Lancelot was wielding Galaxia. And he didn't care about the pain. The mentor of Kirby had no weapons on him and he was facing a bloodlusted knight.

Berserker raised Galaxia over his head... and swung. The result? Simple. A wave of pure energy came out. Its size dwarfed Lancelot himself... and it was aimed directly at Meta Knight.


Meta Knight was blown directly out of the side of the ship and into the skies. Luckily, his wings saved him and he began flying around.

(Cues: Fate/Zero - This Day And Never Again)

Berserker Lancelot slammed his feet down...

And made a jump up. He jumped all the way up to Halberd's main deck. And Meta Knight saw him. Now, it was a game of cat and mouse.

Berserker was the cat.

Meta Knight was the mouse.


Berserker fired another wave of Galaxia's amazing energy, quickly rushing at Meta Knight. This time, however, Meta was quick and dodged the blast with ease. Berserker snarled... and then began swinging even more violently. Now, the blasts were being rapid-fired at Meta Knight. The winged warrior narrowly dodged the blasts.

Berserker Lancelot... couldn't help but get pissed at the sight of all of his failing attacks.

So what did he do?

Simple. He planted his fists into the ship... and began roaring. Suddenly, something happened. The Halberd began shaking. Soon, its color changed... into a dark color. The entire battleship was now coated in shadows. And it was completely under Lancelot's control now.

(Cues: Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Galacta Knight's Theme)

Meta Knight noticed the ship's changed color... and was... VERY confused. Regardless, it meant one thing: Bad news.

The ship turned its direction... and suddenly, the cannons began firing. The blasts shot forward, chasing Meta Knight down. The lasers colored the skies above. Meta Knight then realized something. In order to control the ship, Berserker Lancelot had to put Galaxia down...


The mentor of Kirby flapped his wings and darted forward! He avoided the lasers, the cannonballs and even the Main Cannon's hook! He flew forward...

And snatched up Galaxia. Right before Lancelot's eyes. The raging knight... stood up and stopped controlling the ship for a second. He pulled back out his own blade, pulled it back...

And tossed it.

The sword flew forward... and it clipped Meta Knight's wings off! The midget knight fell down and hit the deck of the Halberd with a thud. He turned to see his wings gently float down and onto the deck.

Meta Knight stood up and locked eyes with Lancelot. This was it. This was the final battle.

(Cues: Kirby Triple Deluxe - Masked Dedede)

Both knights dashed forward and immediately locked blades! The sparks flew off of their weapons, creating a rainbow of yellow, flashy sparks. Meta Knight, however, was smart. Swiftly, he moved his blade up and slashed away Lancelot's blade! He slashed his blade forward, cutting into the raging knight's stomach. Lancelot reached down to grab onto Galaxia- 

Not this time. Meta Knight jumped up and kicked Lancelot back. The knight fell back and right next to his blade. He picked it up and through a burst of anger, ran forward and brought his blade down with all of his power!

Meta Knight dodged.

And the blade hit the Halberd.


The battleship was going to go down now. It had taken massive damage and it could no longer fly. The smoke covered Lancelot's vision...

And Meta Knight took complete advantage of it. While outside of the smoke, Meta Knight began glowing with green-like energy. Suddenly, his wings regenerated. The knight just simply healed his wounds.

Meta Knight darted into the smoke... and grabbed onto Lancelot before he could even react! Before Berserker knew it, he was lifted up...

And FAR above the Halberd. Meta Knight turned around... and slammed back down onto the ship. Each bone in the raging knight's body was shattered into millions of tiny pieces. He tried to stand-


Something happened. Lancelot looked over... and noticed his arm was missing. Then he looked up to see the wielder of Galaxia, flying sky-high. He began spinning. Suddenly, the winds picked up... and soon, Meta Knight was inside of a tornado. The thing grew and grew...

And then Lancelot was sucked into the vortex of the tornado! He was violently thrashed around as the winds got stronger and stronger... and then the flames from the ship were sucked into the vortex too!

Now, Lancelot was stuck in a vortex of flames, slowly burning up and being thrashed around. And he couldn't do a damn thing about it. At the top of the tornado, however, Meta Knight floated there. He looked down... and thought it was time to end this. He darted down and slammed into Lancelot's chest! They flew down the vortex and slammed directly into the Halberd's deck... and the ship... just... couldn't take anymore... 


The Halberd exploding, bits of it raining down along with corpses of men and destroyed robots.

The blast settled down...

And Meta Knight was still flying, somewhat injured but nothing extremely fatal.

He huffed and puffed... but he was victorious.


Results Edit

(Cues: Unknown Theme)

Soul: Daaaaamn, that was over the top.

Mr. Stupid: The winner is Moonman.

Myth: Meta Knight... stomped here. I mean, Berserker has more weapons... but Meta Knight surpassed him everywhere else

Mr. Stupid: Just like how I surpass you stupid guys.

Soul: Says the guy named Mr. Stupid.

Mr. Stupid: Says the guy that can't write for shit.

Soul: Says the guy-

Myth: SHUT UP. 

Soul: OK, fine. Anyways, speed was NO contest. Meta Knight can fly across a fucking solar system in like a few seconds!

Myth: Destructive capability? Meta Knight can keep up with planet busters.

Mr. Stupid: And obviously this means he can tank planet-busting attacks.

Soul: In the end, Berserker just didn't make the cut.

Fatal Fiction Winner - Meta Knight

Myth: The winner is Meta Knight.

--- --- ---  


  • +Faster, stronger and more durable
  • +Sane mind
  • +Galaxia absolutely dominated Berserker Lancelot's entire arsenal
  • +More experience
  • +Couldn't really even be hurt by any of Berserker Lancelot's attacks 


  • +More weapons
  • +More aggressive
  • -Far slower, far less durability and nowhere near as strong
  • -Insanity prevented any rational thought
  • -Couldn't really even hurt Meta Knight


As Meta Knight landed on a nearby cliff, he looked back on the ocean of where the Halberd once flew.

Was it all worth it? Maybe under that helmet was just a misunderstood man.  

That thought tormented Meta Knight... but at the same time, the knight was crazy.  

Meta Knight... would clear his thoughts about this later.

Trivia Edit