Victory is my destiny!
~ Meta Knight
Meta Knight is a character in Kirby

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  • First Appearance: "Kirby's Adventure" (1993)
  • Occupation: Star Warrior, Swordsman, Owner of the Halberd
  • Age: Unknown, however, he is older than Kirby who is at least 200 years old
  • Species: Unknown, possibly Kirby
  • Theme: Meta Knight's Revenge

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  • Owns the Halberd, a giant, flying battleship
  • Defeated Galacta Knight, the strongest warrior in the galaxy
  • Has consistently fought Kirby
  • -Has one victory over Kirby
  • Survived a war that lasted thousands of years
  • Has slain many beings, ranging from a freaking tree to a king penguin 
  • Proudly became the best character on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tier list
  • -Has been banned from some tourneys for being so utterly broken
  • Has a dank Spanish voice in the anime

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