Little Mac
Little Mac is the main protagonist of the Punch Out! Series he previously fought against Rocky Balboa in the eight episode of Fatal Fiction: Rocky Balboa VS Little Mac.

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Fatal Fiction Info Edit

Background Edit

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'8
  • Born and Raised in Bronx, New York
  • Looks completely different every time he appears
  • Win record: Varies on the player
  • Highly tenacious
  • Finally excelled in boxing thanks to his former trainer Doc Louis
  • Promoted from Assist Trophy to full on Smash Brother

Natural Abilities Edit

  • Learned the Star Punch from Doc Loius
  • Developed the Rapid Punch combo
  • Recovers a bit of health between each round
  • Can activate his heroic second wind when he is losing
  • Has a transformation known as Giga Mac
  • Can spam charge punches
  • K.O. punches can be devastating to his opponents
  • Master of figuring out his opponent's pattern and turning it against them

Feats Edit

  • Little Mac has defeated
    • Mike Tyson (could punch at 1800 PSI)
    • Dragon-Chan (faster than the eye could track)
    • Heike Kagero (faster than the eye can track)
    • Great Tiger (Has teleportation and created after-images)
    • Don Flamenco (Punched a bull over the horizon)
    • Mr. Sandman (Destroyed a building)
    • Piston Honda (Outraced a bullet Train)
    • Donkey Kong (punched the moon out of orbit)

Faults Edit

  • Still just a teenager
  • Accused of being a glass cannon
  • Also accused of being a fragile speedster
  • He really let himself go in Captain Rainbow
  • Short?