Kratos is the main protagonist of the God of War series.

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  • Age undetermined
  • 190 cm
  • Former captain
  • The Ghost Of Sparta
  • Anti-hero
  • Seeks revenge on the gods for the death of his wife and child
  • Self-centered demigod
  • Superhuman attributes
  • Crossed over with various different universes

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  • The Blades of Exile block attacks and generate fire
  • The Boots of Hermes Of Hermes grant the user great speed (also generates fire)
  • The Wings Of Icarus allow him to use flight
  • The Sword of Valor was once his main weapon
  • The Blade Of Olympus contains Kratos' godly power (And Generates waves of energy?)
  • Poseiden's Rage allows him to use lightning
  • Kratos can react to nearly any attack

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  • He sure isn't the captain that he used to be
  • Is it just us or does he get tricked by the gods a lot?

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