~ Kirby arriving to Dreamland
Kirby is the titular protagonist of his eponymous series. He previously fought against Pac-Man in the eleventh episode of Fatal Fiction: Pac-Man VS Kirby.

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  • Originally called PoPoPo (not a joke)
  • Pink, the color of evil!
  • Seriously, the dude's a murderous psychopath despite supposedly being Popstar's protector
  • 8 inches tall according to Nintendope
  • Star Warrior
  • native to planet Popstar
  • Named after a lawyer (Again, legit beyond legit)

Abilities and ArsenalEdit

  • Highly versatile copy ability is used by sucking enemies inside of his stomach/universe
  • Star Spit
  • Slide Kick
  • Kirby can inflate himself to fly in the air
    • Releasing the air kills opponents because of Kirby's bad breath
    • Sword Kirby dresses him up as Link (Also Known As Crono's personal bitch) and grants him a sword, he rivals even Meta Knight in skill.
    • Ninja Kirby has increased speed and access to ninja tools as well as jutsu, smoke screens, and Snake-Tier stealth skills
    • Wheel Kirby rps ff Sonic's spin-dash... yeah Kirby has been spending too much time with other Smash Bros.
    • Ghost Krby can possess others in addition to various other soul-based abiilities (intangible form)
    • Fighter Kirby has powerful energy blasts and somehow allows him great martial arts knowledge
    • Has various other abilities such as Ice, Fire, Plasma, Spark, Mike, etc.
  • Warp Star can move over 300,000,000 times the speed of light and is more effective than Kirby's own flight

Feats & StatsEdit

  • Punched a board so hard Popstar split in half
    • Busted Popstar in the manga, 201 megatons my ass
  • Tanked a planet buster in Triple Deluxe
  • Becomes a living black hole via hypernova
  • Can react to faster than light opponents, fight on his Warp Star, and fly in space on his own
  • Bitch-slapped Marx into Nova, destroying it
  • Casually blasted a quarter of the moon
  • Beat 0², King Dedede, Nightmare, Sectonia, Dark Matter, arx, Magalor, Queen Sectonia, Drawcia, Dark Mind, Yin Yarn, Dark Meta Knight, Galacta Knight, etc.
  • Built a rocket on his own without any blueprints

Resistances & Immunities Edit

Faults & WeaknessesEdit

  • Suffers tremendous knock-back due to his light frame
  • Has somewhat lower durability than strength, being knocked out by the effects of his own attacks at times
  • Got turned into yarn once
  • A complete idiot (... or is he? Mwahahahahahah...)
  • He needed outside help to defeat several enemies 
  • Has yet to surpass Meta Knight
  • Can get his abilities knocked away and is usually incapable of using them underwater

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  • Kirby made a cameo appearance in Fatal Fiction Episode 8: Rocky Balboa VS Little Mac due to the fact he's a fan of Little Mac.