King Kong is the titular monster of the same name series.


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Possible OppenentsEdit

  • Mothra
  • Indominus Rex (Jurassic Park)
  • Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)

Information Edit

Background Edit

  • Height: 15.24 meters
  • Weight: 5 tons
  • Species: Megaprimatus Kong (Possibly the last living member)
  • Habitat: Skull Island
  • Hobbies: Fighting dinosaurs and enjoying the occasional human sacrifice
  • Age: 120-150 years old

Abilties Edit

  • Superhuman Strength
    • Can lift and throw cars, rocks and even Vastatosaurus Rex
    • Can break free of chains
  • Superhuman Durability
    • Can survive being riddled with bullets
    • Can tank V-Rex bites to the arm
  • Superhuman Speed
    • Can likely run at 20 miles per hour or more or less
  • Superhuman Agility
    • Can jump over great distances and land on his feet
  • Intelligence
    • Makes use of environmental objects like trees or rocks when fighting
    • Even when overwhelmed by more powerful or more numerous opponents he can think on his feet and find a way to win
  • Superhuman Stamina
    • Can climb the Empire State Building with little effort while holding Ann Darrow

Feats Edit

  • Killed three Vastatosaurus Rexes
  • Destroyed most of the streets of New York
  • Destroyed at least three biplanes before finally plummeting to his death
  • Survived a lifetime on Skull Island

Weaknesses Edit

  • Was still killed by the biplanes
  • Gets angry easily
  • Lacks armor
  • Is only smart on ape standards
  • Has been knocked unconscious by chloroform bombs
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