Kerchak is a character from the 1999 Disney movie, Tarzan.

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History Edit

Kerchak was the powerful leader of the gorilla family. But he was grumpy and obstreperous at times, especially after losing his and his mate Kala's son to Sabor the leopardess, where his loving and caring side quickly switched to his stern and serious side. When Kala brought the newly orphaned baby Tarzan into the family, he shunned the idea of the boy being his son as he distrusted humans, but allowed Kala to keep him. As Tarzan grew into a young man, he started befriending humans that came into the jungle, and disobeying Kerchak's orders to stay away from them and protect the gorillas, even going as far as betraying their family. It wasn't until after defeating the hunter Clayton and before dying from a gunshot from the evil hunter that Kerchak accepted Tarzan as his son and passed on the leadership of the gorilla family to him. He had sacrificed himself to save his family.

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Background Edit

  • Species: Silverback gorilla
  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 300-430lbs
  • Age: 35-40 years at death
  • Former appointed leader of the gorilla family groups
  • Family: Tarzan (adopted son), Kala (mate), deceased unnamed son, Jane Porter (daughter-in-law), Terk (niece), Terk's mother (sister or sister-in-law)

Abilities and Weapons Edit

  • Brutal strength
  • Endurance
  • Climbing
  • Speed
  • Intelligence
  • Senses
  • Acrobatics
  • His bare hands
  • Fists
  • Fangs

Feats Edit

  • Rescued a baby gorilla from a stampede of elephants unscathed
  • Threw Tarzan with one hand
  • Endured bites and claws from Sabor
  • Fought and defeated Tublat
  • Pinned Clayton to the ground for a brief period
  • Broke free of a net
  • Survived being injured by Clayton's shotgun through the evil hunter's fight with Tarzan
  • Held his own against Sabor

Weaknesses Edit

  • Short-tempered and easily aggressive
  • Opponents with better agility could overpower him
  • Eventually died from his bullet wound from Clayton's shotgun
  • Stubborn
  • Never considered Tarzan as his son and harshly judged him
  • Felt threatened by anyone that was different from him, as Tarzan pointed out