Kenai is the main protagonist of the Brother Bear movies.

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Fatal Fiction Info Edit

Background Edit

  • Originally a human
  • Youngest of the three brothers
  • Height: 60-160 cm (As bear)
  • Weight: 900 lbs (As bear)
  • Foster brother of Koda

Bear Traits Edit

  • Teeth
  • Claws

Feats Edit

  • Survived having his head bashed against a rock
  • Killed Koda's mother (As a human)
  • Escaped from Denahi twice, alongside Koda
  • Found the salmon run alongside Koda
  • Found the mountain peak located near the salmon run

Weaknesses Edit

  • Didn't understand his totem
  • Blamed Koda's mother for Sitka's death
  • Orphaned Koda (Until he became his foster brother)
  • Once stuck his head in a hollow tree
  • Nearly killed by Denahi
  • Had to put up with an annoying Koda during his trip to the salmon run
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