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When a fighting game lead with a dark power they constantly fight to control meets another one, there will be action. But who shall survive and who shall die?

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Hiro: Fighting games, ah yes. One of the most popular genres in gaming. Beloved for their fantastic looking super moves, memorable soundtracks, rosters of badass characters,  and many other reasons, it is easy to see why this genre has lived on to see the modern day.

MBStarscream: And with each fighting game that comes out too fast for anyone to stop, there come the Kung Fu masters, brooding antiheroes, and the lighthearted characters who just want a good fight. And today, the ring of Fatal Fiction shall be greeted by two martial artists who keep a dangerous power under wraps as the fists fly.

Hiro: Jin Kazama, the Child of Destiny from Tekken.

MBStarscream: And Jago, the warrior monk from Killer Instinct.

Hiro: I'm Hiro Hamada.

MBStarscream: I'm MBStarscream.

Hiro: And it's our job to examine both warriors' strength, abilities, weapons, and weaknesses to see who would win in a fight.

Jin Kazama Edit

Hiro: Jin Kazama was born to Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima in an unknown part of a forest that his mother had picked that location to stay hidden from the Devil, whom was after Jin when his previous host's body was dropped into a volcano. No, not the Devil you probably thought of for a second.

MBStarscream: While this location in the forest seemed to be safe from the Devil, a mysterious being known as Ogre was still able to find them. Ogre was a monstrous creature who stole the ki of other fighters to become stronger. He was released by Heihachi Mishima in order to use Jin's DNA to create a new powerful lifeform.

Hiro: At the age of 15, Jin and his mother were attacked by Ogre, and Jin was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, his home was destroyed and his mother was nowhere in sight. He left his home in search for his grandfather Heihachi, seeking training from the powerful fighter so he could defeat Ogre and avenge his mother’s supposed death.

MBStarscream: During his travel towards Heihachi, Jin was attacked by the Devil and became cursed with the Devil Gene that once belonged to his mother. While it may have aided him in gaining the strength to defeat Ogre, he still seeks to rid himself of this evil curse. While he is able to suppress it, he still wishes to save anyone else on the planet from being cursed like himself.

Hiro: Jin is a strong warrior, knowing three styles of martial arts, Kazama Style Karate, Mishima Style Karate, and Traditional Karate. While he unlearned the Mishima Style out of hatred for his bloodline, he returns to using this style when transforming into Devil Jin, whom we'll get to later.

MBStarscream: Nice job spoiling it, Hiro. Previously known as Kazama Style Self-Defense, the Kazama Style Karate fighting style was passed on to Jin by his mother. As the name states, this is primarily used by other members of the Kazama family; aside from Jun herself, her niece and Jin’s first cousin Asuka are the only other known practitioners who have participated in a King of Iron Fist tournament.

Hiro: Most of this martial art’s fundamentals are shared with different schools of Jujutsu. Developed during the Sengoku period to provide samurai with a way to engage in unarmed combat, Jujutsu is a form of self-defense which requires using an opponent’s force against them. This is usually done through reversals, parries and counter attacks, making them effective even against foes armed with blades or other melee weapons.

MBStarscream: When an attacker is caught, the user often retaliates with throws to the ground, submission holds to debilitate limbs or strikes to wear down weak spots like pressure points. Jin’s specific take on it lacks most of the counters and limb locks his mother and cousin have, instead focusing more on various strikes to specific body parts.

Hiro: He can still evade attacks with a well-timed parry, and a few of his signature throws like a reverse over-the-shoulder toss are reminiscent of their moves as well. Jin can also pull off a quick combo in which Jin performs a high left punch, a roundhouse kick, a midsection blow and two kicks to his enemy’s legs. Jin can also add in a sixth starting hit by performing a left axe kick to start the combo, or a Right Roundhouse Punch to end it, as seen in Devil Within.

MBStarscream: Jin can also evade attacks and projectiles with Special Step, perform a well-timed block or evasive maneuver which sets him up for a quick counterattack, pull off a crouching, thrust punch with knockdown properties, and has a dashing midsection strike.

Hiro: The Mishima Style of Karate was first founded by Jinpachi Mishima several decades before the events of the first Tekken. As of now, the only users of this martial art have all hailed from within the clan itself; these include his son Heihachi and his wife Kazumi, their son Kazuya, the adopted Lee Chaolan and eventually, Jin himself, who was taught by Heihachi after Jun’s disappearance. 

MBStarscream: Despite being fictional, the Mishima style is reflective of different sub-branches of Karate itself, with each current user providing their own take on it while sharing the fundamentals as seen below. In Jin’s first appearance, his version contained moves shared with Kazuya and Jun, which he combined together to create a variant seemingly based on Shito-Ryu Karate.

Hiro: Shito-Ryu is defined as a combination style, meant to bring together the different schools of Karate into one unified discipline. Aside from the powerful open-handed stance attacks of Goju-Ryu used by Heihachi’s variant and the powerful one-hit strikes of Shotokan from Kazuya, it places a heavy emphasis on speed and defensive techniques, like blocking, eight-way movement, evasive maneuvers and counter-attacking, making it a perfect complement to Jin’s Kazama Style. 

MBStarscream: Following Heicachi's betrayal of him, Jin unlearned the Mishima style out of hatred towards his paternal heritage. While he primarily uses traditional Karate in more recent appearances, he has not been able to fully expel it from his memory, as his Devil Jin form primarily uses it with no restraint.

Hiro: Kyokushin is a sub-group descended from the Goju-Ryu and Shotokan branches in 1964. Its name, which means “the ultimate truth”, is tied in with the concept of Bushido in mind; the focus is for the practitioner to improve their character through battle and training. Jin picked up this style after the third King of Iron Fist Tournament by learning it from a dojo instructor in Brisbane.

MBStarscream: Kyokushin focuses on three main elements: kihon - the basics, kata - self-training and forms, and kumite - sparring. These all contribute to a well-balanced mode of combat that acts as an intermediary between the aggression and defensive prowess of Jin’s Mishima and Kazama training, respectively.

Hiro: Jin can also manipulate his ki to give it a lightning-like appearance, an aura surrounding his body as he dishes out powerful blows. His appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken takes this even further as he’s able to make orbs of lightning appear out of thin air to stun his opponent temporarily.

MBStarscream: In some occasions, he can cover his legs with fire to enhance his attack power, and due to the curse that was laid upon him, Jin is now capable of using demonic powers. Even without transforming into Devil Jin, he's capable of shooting laser beams.

Hiro: Jin has often been seen regenerating from wounds that would normally kill a human, such as getting shot in the brain. He is also capable of producing a force field to protect himself from damage. They are capable of blocking attacks from powerful beings, such as Azazel.

MBStarscream: The pure Kazama blood from his mother’s side is what helps Jin suppress the influence of the Devil Gene from invading his soul and mind in the first place. When Kazuya tried to steal the Gene from Jin’s soul, it backfired on him and Kazuya got attacked instead.

Hiro: And when Jin does tap into the Devil Gene and transforms into Devil Jin, he acquires an extreme boost in power, and many new abilities such as telekinesis, teleportation and flight with large black wings.

MBStarscream: His lasers are much more powerful and quick than regular Jin's, and he can steal energy from those that he has defeated. He can even locate targets thanks to their souls! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from Devil Jin.

Hiro: Jin possesses a great amount of control over his Devil powers, and while he can keep himself in check while transformed, there is still a chance he can lose himself and go insane as Devil Jin. The Devil Gene is also the main source of his strength beyond the near-insane superhuman stats his Mishima bloodline alone grants him, and managing to suppress it could weaken Jin greatly. That said, the ways to achieve this within the series are rather limited.

MBStarscream: He is also weak to holy beings and their attacks, and can be mentally manipulated by mentioning his mother. Oh, and if you're a Robot, he won't be able to find ya.

Hiro: But if you wish to live a long life, then don't get in Jin Kazama's way.

Jin sees Xiaoyu looking at his devil mark on his left shoulder, realizing he still has the Devil Gene.

Jin: It's fine. (pauses) This curse, the Devil Gene...

He begins to get up, then stands alongside Xiaoyu.

Jin: I will find a way to break free. I won't give up!

Jago Edit

Hiro: Found abandoned as a baby at a Himalayan monastery and taken in by the Monks of the Tiger, Jago showed great promise from the start and, under the tutelage of the ancient Abbot, swiftly became one of the Order's star pupils.

MBStarscream: During meditation he is visited by the very Tiger spirit his Order serves, which grants him great powers and chose him to battle the sinister evil of Walmar- I mean Ultratech. At first the power threatened to overwhelm Jago's sanity, but he soon mastered it and became the finest warrior the Order has yet fathered. The ever-present uncertainty as to his origins, however, still troubled him.

Hiro: Jago returned victorious to his shrine for communion with the Tiger spirit. By defeating the evil that existed at Ultratech, Jago was brought one step closer towards total enlightenment. Granted new powers for his loyal service, Jago strived for self improvement.

MBStarscream: After destroying Fulgore, a furious Jago was betrayed by his one time master the tiger spirit. The disguised demon lord used him to escape from the void, and now Jago swore vengeance. Jago's upbringing at the hands of the warrior Monks of the Tiger taught him to cherish the concepts of honour, justice and loyalty, and it is this ingrained nobility of the soul that made the Tiger Spirit's treachery a particularly bitter pill to swallow.

Hiro: When his erstwhile mentor was exposed as the Warlord Gargos following the destruction of Eyedol and the 2000-year timeshift, an agonized Jago vowed to destroy the fiend who had manipulated his destiny and betrayed his Order.

MBStarscream: And remember kids, when faced with a demon, punch it. It'll all resolve itself.

Hiro: Having been raised and trained under the Tiger Monks, Jago is a skilled martial artist, knowing kung fu, tae kwon do, karate, and surprisingly Ninjitsu. He will sometimes resort to plain brutish attacks in conjunction with his sword and fist when in a fight.

MBStarscream: He can also manipulate fire by shooting fireballs out of his hand for his Endokuken attack and use telekinesis to grab a car from nowhere and crush his opponent with it. And if you manage to kill him, he can turn into a ghost to keep on handing your ass to ya.

Hiro: Unless his opponent can touch intangible opponents or spirits, he doesn't have to worry about them fighting back. And when Jago's Instinct Meter fills all the way, the Tiger Focus is activated. With this power, he can shoot two Endokukens at once and every time an attack hits him, he can heal whatever wound he may receive.

MBStarscream: Jago also has good weapons to defend himself with, like a katana and a sword of Tibetan origin known as the Kora Sword, which is suited more for slashing than stabbing, and can be infused with spiritual energy from the Tiger Spirit.

Hiro: Even without those weapons, Jago still has plenty of moves on his side, like a roundhouse kick which can reach up to several meters and can sometimes cause Jago to cross the entire stage, or a quick and powerful rising uppercut which can be used three times in a row.

MBStarscream: And if his normal moves weren't enough, Jago has powered-up versions of his attacks called Shadow Moves, like three powerful Wind Kicks or lacing his Kora Sword with Tiger Spirit energy and upwardly slashing his foe five times, launching them in to the air.

Hiro: And when his enemy's death is near, Jago utilizes several finishers known as No Mercies. He can slash the opponent before stabbing them with Sword Stab, fire a blast of concentrated spiritual energy from his gauntlet, or throw his sword to impale his victim.

MBStarscream: And, you know, the car thing.

Hiro: Plus, because the Tiger Spirit energy he uses actually comes from Gargos, within Jago is a small measure of Gargos' power. And if he lets his negative emotions run wild, Shadow Jago will come out to play.

MBStarscream: When Jago's negative emotions run rampant, he falls under the control of the dark energy within his body. He even loses mental control, instead falling under the control of Omen, Gargos' herald. And if he ever smells blood in the water, he's gonna go for the Ultimate, a lethal combo that Shadow Jago can hit in the literal blink of an eye.

Hiro: Because of this, Jago has to keep his emotions in check, and that's not his only problem. He's an all-around style character, but he excels in nothing.

MBStarscream: Also, he better use his Instinct Mode wisely, because like all powers in video games from these days, it has a time limit.

Hiro: But Jago's strength speaks for itself. He's a force to be reckoned with, Omen or no Omen.

Jago: Now... redemption. Now I cleanse my soul with your death!

Fatal Fiction Edit

Mario flips a coin.

Hiro: So, this random dojo is where the King of Iron Fist shall confront the Tiger Warrior. Only one of them has it what it takes to get out of this with their lives.

MBStarscream: Obviously, the one who can cause a car to fall on you is gettin' my vote.

Some Japanese dojo

While the sun shone in the cyan sky, many fighters were honing their skills, one of which being a tall man with black hair that spikes at the back of his head and fringes. He was also notably muscular with low body fat percentage, evidence of many years of hard training..One of his most prominent aspects was the black tattoo-like mark on one of his arms.

The fists of Jin Kazama struck the punching bag five more times until he kicked it forward at it hit the wall and crashed to the floor. Jin smiled as he raised a fist into the air, then his ears caught the sound of a door opening. Turning his head, Jin saw another man entering the dojo.

This shirtless man had a intricate tiger tattoo covering his left arm and upper torso, wore armguards and belt, a new sash, blue pants, tiger mouth shaped shinguards and new blue sandals. His outfit was very humble and ramshackle, being composed of curtains, ropes, floor tiles, and centerpieces. He also wore a plated metal mask that covered his entire head save for his windswept hair.

Pointing a finger straight at Jin like a gun, Jago shouted, "You there! Show me your strength!" Accepting Jago's challenge by getting into a fighting stance, Jin replied with "I don't think this fight will disappoint you." Everyone gathered around and prepared to watch the battle unfold as Jin and Jago stared each other down, ready to put up their dukes.


Their fists clashed, causing a shockwave that could be felt throughout the dojo. Jin dashed for Jago and tried delivering some blows, which Jago blocked. Jin managed to get Jago on the ground with a shin kick and a backwards throw. He then electrocuted his fist before leaping up in the air as Jago got up. Jin tried pounding Jago's face on the ground, but the warrior monk evaded the blow with a quick roll before kicking Jin back. 

Both of them firmly planted one leg on the floor and spun on the balls of their feet, swinging their free legs up as they traded kicks with shouts of effort. Each combatant glared the other down as they struggled to push against the force of his foe's leg. After some moments of the power struggle, both of them drew their legs back barely a few inches. Jago's tattoos began to glow, and Jin's leg lit up with a fiery essence.

They kicked again, the collision of power exploding in a bright flash. After their legs bounced off each other and they resumed their base stances, Jin was the first to rush forward and attack his enemy. Emphasizing his swings with sharp exhales, Jin jabbed at Jago from up close, his gloved fists rapping against his foe's arms, which were raised to block. As his punches seemed to do little to shake his opponent, Jin charged up electricity in his fist again and swung it in a strong right hook, small sparks of electric power bursting from his skin.

Jago grimaced and grunted as a powerful shock rippled from his bicep through his entire body, and he felt his muscles spasm slightly for a second, immobilizing him. Jin took this opportunity to lift his right leg high up over his head and drop his heel down on Jago's paralyzed forearms in a sharp axe kick, breaking the Tiger Warrior's guard and forcing Jago's arms to fall to his sides. Allowing his body's rotational momentum to carry him forward, Jin stepped closer and swung his fist into the side of Jago's unprotected head, putting a dent in his face mask and knocking Jago back several feet.

Once he recovered, Jago countered Jin's next punch by grabbing his entire fist and forcing it aside before headbutting the fellow martial artist. He punched Jin across the face twice, then kicked him in the chest, forcing him back. They then brought their fists up as they briefly circled each other until Jin went on the offensive with a punch directed toward Jago's stomach. However, Jago jumped back, dodging the blow, then kicked Jin across the skull, distracting him long enough for Fulgore's destroyer to punch him in the nose.

The combatants locked eyes once more before rushing towards each other again, focused and prepared. Jin threw a punch aimed at Jago's shoulder, and Jago parried with the side of his wrist before throwing a punch with his free hand at Jin's head. Jin leaned his head out of the punch's trajectory, only to quickly whip his head back and forward as he headbutted his foe. Despite the sting of his forehead slamming against a piece of metal headgear, Jin could still see Jago wince from the attack, and the Tiger Warrior took a step back to briefly collect himself before stepping back in to continue the fight.

He leaped into the air, hoping that his fist would meet Jin's cranium, but only got a kick to the gut that sent him to the ground. "You are skilled, I'll say that." Jin commented as Jago stood up, who also had something positive to say about how well his foe was doing in this brawl. "Funny, I was just about to say that about you."

Jin threw a flame-covered fist at Jago, only for the Tiger Warrior to flip over his head and slash his back once with his Kora sword, extracting a cry of pain from the Child of Destiny. As Jago turned to slash again, however, the Kora sword was batted away by the back of Jin's hand, who had recovered from the pain and turned around much faster than Jago had anticipated. The electricity Jin had running through his hands carried through the steel blade and into Jago, causing him to freeze as electrical currents ran up and down and all around within his body.

Taking advantage of Jago's immobility, Jin shouted in traditional martial arts flair as he slugged Jago across the head one, two, three, four times, grabbing the edges of his headgear after the fourth punch and pulling his head down while simultaneously thrusting his knee upward. The tip of his kneecap made its way through the gap in Jago's headpiece, colliding with the bridge of his nose and bouncing his head back up.

Following his enemy's head's motion, Jin rapped his knuckles against Jago's bare chest twice before plowing an uppercut into the underside of his chin, knocking the warrior monk into the air. Jin then jumped up after him, coating his fists in a fiery aura and intertwining his fingers together before delivering a downward swing of his fists, slamming Jago into the floor painfully.


Jago's eyes narrowed angrily. It was time to end this now. Pushing him upright and turning to glare at Jin, Jago beckoned him to show him more of his skill with a "Bring it" gesture. A grin appeared on Jin's face as he complied, breaking into a run toward Jago. Exactly what he had wanted.

As Jin's fist missed his target completely and left him open, Jago grabbed the hilt of a new weapon from his back, taking out his scarlet katana. Slashing at the air preemptively, Jago began to fire red laser bolts from the sword's edge. Surprised, Jin was forced to take the full brunt of several of the blasts but managed to roll out of the way of some of the others.

As the Lightning of Fate ran forward once again, however, Jago instead opted to keep his distance, leaping away and continuing to fire blasts from his katana. The shots exploded on the floor as Jin dodged them one by one, but they just kept coming as Jago continued to maintain distance between the two of them. Jin growled frustratedly as his opponent continued to elude him, finally deciding to play ball.

Sprinting after his agile enemy, Jin pressed his index and middle fingers to his temple and concentrated. A spark of red energy appeared in the center of his forehead, and with blazing speed, a Devil Beam shot forth, piercing Jago's katana shots and nailing the unexpecting Tiger Warrior in the shoulder. Jago cried out as the beam burned a severe hole in his shoulder, and he fell from the air, hitting the floor harshly and painfully. The warrior monk groaned lowly as he covered the simmering burn wound, struggling to get up as Jin approached, smirking.

Suddenly, Jago started to spasm violently, a faint red aura surrounding his entire body. A sudden surge of power ripped itself outward from Jago's body, sending Jin tumbling to the floor. Jago screamed in agony as power radiated from his entire body, ultimately culminating in a burst of shadowy energy that clouded the room for a few seconds. Seeing it as nothing more than a meager attempt at a smokescreen, Jin scoffed and waited for everything to become clear again...

Only to see a shadowy form of his adversary standing before him.

Snapping his head up to lock eyes with Jin, "Jago" flung his arms out to his sides, massive waves of power emanating from both his hands as they glowed with evil energy. His eyes lit up with a sinister blue color, and he stomped the floor as he took up a fighting stance, offering Devil Jin little more than a loud growl of a challenge.

No more was Jago in control of his own body. This was the Omen-possessed spawn of Gargos, Shadow Jago. And in seeing his opponent's impure transformation, Jin smirked and took up a fighting stance of his own.

What he said next filled Shadow Jago with confusion.

"How intriguing... Perhaps you are more akin to me than I'd ever thought possible."

Before Shadow Jago could respond, a loud, inhuman screech rang out and a wave of energy sent him flying across the training grounds. Jago hit the far wall back-first, letting out a grunt as the wind was knocked out of him, leaving him gasping for air as he slumped to the floor. From the cloud of dust kicked up by the energy wave, two giant wings as black as night spread apart before flapping once, kicking up a gust of wind as the creature flew from the dust cloud towards Shadow Jago. It landed solidly before him and smiled at him.

Jin Kazama was gone. Now... there was only Devil Jin.

"Let's end this with style!" He yelled in Shadow Jago's face. Shadow Jago attacked first, delivering a punch that Devil Jin blocked. Devil Jin returns a punch of his own which Shadow Jago ducked under, before punching and kicking Devil Jin eight times. The corrupted Kazama quickly used his wings to fly into the air, using his legs to bat away Shadow Jago's punches along the way. Devil Jin, now with a high ground advantage, rushed towards Shadow Jago and landed a well-placed kick to the face, completely knocking Shadow Jago off guard.

As Shadow Jago recovered, Devil Jin fired a Hellfire Blast, a condensed laser coming from his forehead. Shadow Jago couldn't react in time; he roared as the laser pushed him toward a wall, which cracked when he crashed into it. Devil Jin flew toward Shadow Jago to attack again, only to be met with a savage punch that sent him flying to the left. He hit the wall with such force that he smashed right through it like a rock being thrown at a glass window, leaving a large hole in the dojo.

Yelling furiously, Devil Jin flew back inside the dojo to confront Shadow Jago once more. In a swift motion of defiance, Shadow Jago drew his shadowy broadsword and used it to deflect a Devil Beam that Devil Jin had fired at him, sending it shooting through the section of temple wall to his left. Angrily, Devil Jin continued to shoot the beam, struggling in a bloodthirsty attempt to kill his foe. Suddenly, however, there came the sound of a loud, swift sword swing, followed by the sound of flesh burning and tearing apart. Devil Jin's eyes went wide and the sounds of his furious struggling were cut off in his throat as the air in it was replaced by blood that brimmed up from his insides. Slowly and shakily, he turned his head down to see that, with his own Devil Beam, Shadow Jago had redirected the blast and cut through the middle of his chest. Utterly disembodied, Jin's legs collapsed to the floor as blood spilled onto the floorboards. As he felt his strength begin to wane, the Devil Beam petered out and Jin weakly strained against the swords nailing him to the wall with what remained of his power.

"Grghhh... No... Im... Possible..." Devil Jin's last words were forced through the blood collecting in his throat, but he was only barely able to force them out before Shadow Jago exploded towards him with a bloodcurdling roar, his broadsword hefted over his head. The last thing Devil Jin could register was the sharply honed edge of the shadowy blade descending towards him, and then...

SHRELCH!! The blade stabbed through the middle of his face and tore through the flesh and bone of Devil Jin's head like a knife through wet paper, burying its full length in the depths of his skull as the far edge ripped through the back of his head and embedded itself in the wall, much like the katana and Kora sword on either side. Devil Jin made a low gasping noise before he went cross-eyed and finally fell still, blood gushing from the stab wound in the middle of his face. His limbs fell limply to his sides, and his corpse was left hanging on the wall like a trophy.


Shadow Jago flung his head back and roared to the ceiling in a victorious scream before he slumped over with one hand on his face. Now without the rush of combat to steal away his control, Jago wrestled back control over his body and the essence of Omen quickly faded from him in a flash of light. Jago, now back to normal, collapsed on the floor of the dojo, unconscious. An eerie silence overtook the dojo, with the stench of death pungent in the air.


Results Edit

MBStarscream: Yay, I got it right!

Hiro: Jin and Jago are both fiercely powerful combatants, and the powers they hide within them are massively destructive. However, there was a clear difference in terms of who had the overall edge in this battle.

MBStarscream: First, let's address their strength. If you take Jago's lowest acceptable level, which is being comparable to Tusk, he's weaker than Jin, who can compete with Golden Azazel. However, if you were to accept Jago as on par with Gargos, which he very well could be, he's far above Jin. So really, depending on what you're willing to give Jago, the battle between their raw strengths and attack potencies could go either way. For the sake of establishing a proper stance, though, we're going to go with scaling Jago to Gargos, which places him far above what Jin is capable of.

Hiro: This wasn't just a battle of strength, though. Jago is faster than Jin by a gap of over 3000 Machs thanks to scaling to Tusk's No Mercy, but that wouldn't be enough to totally outpace Jin on its own. Jin's Devil Beams move at 67 times the speed of light, after all, so there was no way Jago was going to be able to dodge them. But he really didn't need to thanks to his impressive durability, which makes him more than capable of toughing through Jin's beams.

MBStarscream: Despite being outclassed physically, Jin wasn't without his own advantages in this fight. His elemental attacks and super-strong barriers would easily prolong the battle, and he's smarter than Jago in an academic sense. However, not only would these advantages really only delay the inevitable, but Jin's intelligence advantage in academics does not translate to intelligence in combat.

Hiro: True. Jin might have started training as a teenager and is a potent brawler in his current age, but Jago was raised by warrior monks since his infancy, and most likely started his training at a much younger age. Plus, Jin is 21 years old, whereas Jago is 30 as of the most recent Killer Instinct installation, which means Jago's skill and experience far surpassed Jin's.

MBStarscream: Even when comparing their abilities and weapons, the Tiger Warrior shines brighter. His Endokukens are a more versatile method of ranged combat than the Devil Beams, and Jago's multiple swords gave him another leg up on Jin, who usually isn't packing anything more than his own fists.

Hiro: The best option Jin had for taking the fight was his energy absorption ability, which would be able to kill Jago if he could use it for long enough, or even just leave him weak enough for Jin to handle in battle. However, Jago's much higher speed combined with his teleportation abilities as Shadow Jago made it easy for him to keep Jin from pulling that off. Even if we somehow assume Jin was able to get a hold on Jago, he wouldn't be able to keep his grip for very long, and with Instinct Mode Jago would be able to heal himself back into fighting shape.

MBStarscream: Devil Jin and Shadow Jago didn't change much for the fight's outcome either - if anything, it just tipped the scales further in Jago's favor by unleashing his full potential. Looks like Jin was Gar-grossly outmatched!

Hiro: Jago wins.

Advantages Edit

Jago (Winner) Edit

  • More experience in combat
  • Faster by a wide margin
  • Greater durability
  • Teleportation as Shadow Jago allowed for surprise attacks
  • Arsenal advantage via swords

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