Oh, Indominus wasn't bred. She was DESIGNED. She will be 50 feet long when fully grown. Bigger than the T-Rex.
~ Dr. Henry Wu.

I would have a word with your people in the lab. That thing out there, that's no dinosaur.
~ Owen Grady to Simon Masrani.

The Indominus Rex is the main antagonist of the 2015 science fiction adventure film, Jurassic World.

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Possible Opponents Edit

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Fatal Fiction Info Edit

Background Edit

  • Height: 18ft (5.4 meters)
  • Length: 40ft (12 meters)
  • Weight: Probably 8 tons (16,000lbs)
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Name meaning: "Fierce or Untamable King"
  • Hybrid of: Giganotosaurus + Majungasaurus + Carnotaurus + Rugops + Therizinosaurus + Tyrannosaurus Rex + Velociraptor + Cuttlefish + Tree frog + Pit viper + Unspecified number of modern animals + Human
  • Age: Three at death
  • Range: Isla Nublar
  • Was actually intended for military operations rather than to be an attraction for Jurassic World
  • Creators: Commander Vic Hoskins and Dr. Henry Wu
  • Aggression Level: Very High

Abilities Edit

  • Hybrid Physiology
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Body Heat Concealing
  • Camouflage
  • Sharp claws and teeth
  • Powerful jaw strength
  • Large, strong arms

Feats & Stats Edit

  • Crushed a bullet-proof Gyrosphere in her jaws (Strength)
  • Flipped an Ankylosaurus onto its back and broke its neck (Strength)
  • Threw Roberta to the ground, then proceeded to drag her by the neck across the floor with her mouth (Strength)
  • Smashed through the Visitor Centre (Strength)
  • Kicked a Gyrosphere (Strength)
  • Knocked down a tree while fighting the ACU soldiers (Strength)
  • Sent a truck flying into the air with her head (Strength)
  • Smashed through the walls of the Jurassic World Aviary (Strength)
  • Reacted to Delta and Echo's lunges (Speed)
  • Dodged machine gun fire (Speed)
  • Could run at 35 miles per hour (Speed)
  • Shrugged off modern weapons such as machine gun rounds, tasers, a net gun, powerful tranquilizers and incendiary rounds (Durability)
  • The claws of Delta and Echo couldn't puncture her hide (Durability)
  • Was uninjured after crashing through buildings (Durability)
  • Took bites to the neck from Roberta and the Mosasaurus (Durability)
  • Was impaled by metal rods and wooden beams and still fought Roberta and Blue like they were nothing (Durability)
  • Survived an RPG at almost a direct hit (Durability)
  • Took an Ankylosaurus tail club to the face and sustained no injury (Durability)
  • Survived having a door shut on her head (Durability)

Skills and Experiences Edit

  • Killed her older sibling as a juvenile
  • Escaped her enclosure by out-witting her creators
  • Slaughtered a herd of Apatosaurus for sport
  • Defeated and killed an Ankylosaurus in battle, something Tyrannosaurus rex struggled with in real life
  • Killed two of Owen Grady's raptor pack
  • Killed an entire team of mercenary experts
  • Fought Roberta and Blue to a standstill until the Mosasaurus finally defeated her once and for all
  • Caused about 19 deaths in Jurassic World, directly and non-directly
  • Scared every single pterosaur out of the Jurassic World Aviary
  • Convinced Owen's raptors to turn against the humans
  • Almost killed Roberta if not for Blue's intervention
  • Caused the breakout of Jurassic World

Faults & Weaknesses Edit

  • Ganged up and killed by Roberta, Blue and the Mosasaurus
  • Was prone to fits of rage due to the height of her aggression level
  • Her escape plan took months of prep time
  • Had no way to counter ranged attacks other than her armor
  • Psychopathic due to a life of confinement and isolation in her paddock
  • Teeth and claws could not puncture strong armor
  • Could be fooled by scent or unfamiliar distractions