Hisako VS Hsien-Ko is a What-If? Fatal Fiction. It features Hisako from Killer Instinct and Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers. Like any What-If? Fatal Fiction, it features custom hosts.

Description Edit

The battle of Killer Instinct VS Darkstalkers! Battle of the zombie-girls who know how to fight!

Interlude Edit

Blip: Who said death was the end? Because these two fighting girls shrug off dying like a boss and continue their journey..

Magikarp: Hisako, THE HOLY CRAP. WHAT IS THAT!?

Palutena: And Hsien-Ko, the undead zombie-girl from Darkstalkers. We're pitting them in a fight to the death to see who wins! I'm Palutena, He's Blip and that guy there is Magikarp!

Hisako Bio Edit

Blip: Hisako was once a normal girl living around doing everything a little Japanese girl would do.

Magikarp: But then they had an invasion and her father died and then she got her father's axe and slaid some people but still died- BLAHBLAH!

Palutena: Calm.... down! Your sitting with the Goddess of Light here people! Well, Hisako was well... dead until ULTRATECH came around


Hsien-Ko Bio Edit

Fatal Fiction Edit

Mario flips a coin.

Blip: Well it looks like this is taking place in the Darkstalkers world! But will Hsien-Ko win even with her home advantage?

Results Edit