Gargoyles - Goliath as seen in the Sega Gensis Front Box Cover

Goliath is the main protagonist of the Disney Show, Gargoyles.

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History Edit

In the year 994 A.D., a clan of gargoyle warriors led by their leader Goliath formed a partnership with a Scottish kingdom. They would protect the castle from invaders at night, and the humans would protect them during the day since gargoyle's turn to stone at sunrise. Unfortunately, they faced prejudice against the humans due to their beastly appearance, and were betrayed by the humans they swore to protect. Most of Goliath's clan was destroyed, and thoses that survived were placed under a curse that sealed them in stone forever. However, the curse could be broken if the castle was over the clouds.

Then one thousand years later in 1994, businessman Xanatos had all the stones and foundation of the castle moved from Scotland and on top of his skyscraper in New York City that poked above the clouds. It worked, and the curse was broken, awakening the gargoyles awoke once more. Goliath was then tasked in leading his clan into the modern day world.

Information Edit

Background Edit

  • Stands >6'/>1.82 m tall
  • His weight is unknown
  • He is 1,066 years old
  • His birth year was 918 AD
  • He was the leader of the Manhattan Clan
  • He is mentored by Hudson
  • He is energized by absorbing solar radiation in stone sleep like Superman
  • He likes Shakespeare & Dostoyevsky
  • He is a King Kong ripoff

Abilities Edit

  • He is immune to cold and heat
  • He has stone-like skin
  • When he his enraged, his strength increases
  • He is quite a smartass gargoyle
  • He possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability
  • Like any other gargoyle, Goliath has the ability to glide

Feats Edit

  • Caught a blade in his bare hands
  • Ripped through 2 feet of steel like it was wet paper
  • Survived multiple lightning strikes
  • Outsmarted Oberon
  • Tanked a direct hit from an anti-air cannon
  • Punched through ice several feet thick
  • Survived being shot down by a Messerchmitt warplane

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