Gandalf is one of the main characters in The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings respectfully.

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  • Glamdring (Foe-Hammer): Gandalf wields this one-and-a-half handed sword (basically a bastard sword in this case) called Glamdring, which is also known as Foe-Hammer. This sword went missing for 6,000 years until it was found in a troll gave among with Sting and Orcrist. This sword is so light that Gandalf himself can just wield it easily with just one hand.
  • Gandalf's Wizards Staffs: In addition to Glamdring, Gandalf always carries his wizard staff in hand and is also known to duel-wield it among with the Glamdring during battle. His staff as Gandalf The Grey is made of brown wood with a jewel fixed on the top that can light up on his command and as Gandalf The White, his staff got an upgrade as it is now in white in color.
  • Narya, the Ring of Fire: Gandalf wears the Ring of Fire, also known as Narya.
    • Willpower Enhancement: Narya has the power to inspire others to resist tyranny, domination and despair.
    • Magical Cloak: In order to hide Gandalf from others, Narya uses its power to hide him from remote observation from all but the wearer of the One Ring or powers similar to it.
    • Slowed Aging: Narya grants resistance to the weariness of time itself.
    • Fiery Properties: Narya grants fire resistance to Gandalf, allowing him to shrug off fiery attacks. It can also enhance his attacks with fire-based magical properties, and allows Gandalf to dispel any magical flame thrown his way.
  • Fireworks: As they were created and designed by Gandalf himself, he is known to have a variety of fireworks such as Squibs, crackers, backarappers, sparklers, torches, Dwarf candles, Elf fountains, Goblin barkers, flash of birds, green trees that transformed into possibly Mallorn trees, a red and gold dragon. In The Lord of The Rings: Middle Earth Online, he can use them in combat to "stun" his opponent for at least up to 15 seconds.

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  • Counter-Spell: Gandalf is able to use a counter spell
  • Shutting Spell: Gandalf is able to use this spell to shut things if need to be, which can also include a door

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  • If attempting to use Counter-Spell on a spell more powerful then his own could become a heavy strain on Gandalf (Weakness)
  • Shutting Spell dose have limits as even a door reinforced by it can be broken by sheer strength alone (Fault)

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