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Des: Time travelers. We've heard of them before, ranging from Trunks to Chrono, to Doctor Who...there's a lot of them.

Death: And today, we're taking a look at two from the Sonic the Hedgehog and Kirby series! Galacta Knight, the most bullshit boss said strongest warrior in the galaxy.

Des: And Silver the Hedgehog, the arguably most hated male Sonic character and the psychokinetic time traveler!

Death: It's our job to research these two characters, and debate who would win in a fight-debate-thing.

Des: What a good way to sum it up...

Silver the Hedgehog

Death: A few hundred years in the future the Sonic the Hedgehog world, the place has been pretty fucked up. All by a monster called Iblis, and there isn't many survivors.

Des: But one of them had special powers, and went back in time to fix his future, and succeeded...his name, was Silver the Hedgehog.

Death: At 3'3 feet tall and 77Ibs, Silver is a hedgehog (Rather obvious) that strangely always calls everyone the ''Iblis Trigger'' just to start a fight, and is a telekinetic. Also, that style...what was he thinking?

Des: His main weapon is, you guessed it, telekinesis, or ''psychokinesis'', as it is called in-game. This can be used to pick up anything from a tiny pebble to a massive building. His powers also allow him to immobilize opponents and be used as energy blasts and balls. Also teleportation, for some reason.

Death: Silver can also use his powers to crush objects to take on other forms. Like a giant fist, for example.

Galacta Knight

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