Gyo gu gha gha gha. (The winner decides the rules. That's how it works in Demon Village.)
~ Firebrand

Firebrand is a character from the Ghosts 'n Goblins series in addition to being the main protagonist in Gargoyles Quest & Demon's Crest respectfully.

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  • Crest of Earth: With this crest, Firebrand an incredible boost to his strength. At the expense of his ability to fly, Firebrand can dash to the point where he's able to shatter stone as well as being able to unleash a limited-ranged projectile that deals damage to enemies on the ground.
  • Crest of Fire:
  • Crest of Water: With this crest, Firebrand is able to swim underwater at ease. His projectile is more powerful while underwater and he can stay underwater for as long as he wants so as long a he's tapping into the crest's power.
  • Crest of Wind: With this crest, Firebrand has control over the winds where he has greater maneuverability while air-born. He is also able to unleash a sonic boom-like projectile.
  • Crest of Time: With this crest, Firebrand is allowed to travel back through time, which ironically enough wasn't shown. But upon using it, he can transform into the Legendary Gargoyle which double's his durability and attack potency in the case of his breath weapon.
  • Crest of Heaven:
  • Five Potions

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  • With the Crest of Earth and Crest of Heaven respectfully, Firebrand can dash as he leaves after images upon doing so (Movement Speed Feat)

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  • Ultimately put an end to Phalanx, who almost achieved deityhood by using the Crest of Infinity only to be destroyed by Firebrand (Combat Experience)

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