Donkey Kong is from the series of the same name and the Mario franchise.

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Background Edit

  • Donkey Kong
  • Was meant to translate to "Stupid Ape"
  • 6'1" in height
  • 800 lbs in weight
  • Amazing singer and rapper

Weapons Edit

  • Giant Punch
  • Coconut Shooter
    • Holds up to 20 coconuts
  • Orange Grenates
    • The grenades are actual fruit
  • Hand Slap

Feats & Stats Edit

  • After swinging his arm around while falling towards it, Donkey Kong manages to knock the Moon out of orbit, slamming right on the top of Tiki Tong (Strength Feat)
  • Survived atmospheric re-entry twice
  • Punched a giant walrus high enough to cause a small tsunami when it landed back into the ocean

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  • His Donkey Punch, even through its capable of knocking a small Moon out of orbit, takes awhile to deliver the full force, making Donkey Kong valuable to being blitz if given the chance (Weakness)
  • Is known to have a very low intelligence rating, allowing the possible chance for a smarter opponent to export him through tactics and strategy if given the chance (Weakness)
  • Really lazy, only being motivated by bananas and sometimes his loved ones (Fault)
  • Cut the hair on top of his head, and all his strength is gone (Weakness)
  • Susceptible to being kidnapped easy (Weakness)

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