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Dan Hibiki is a character from the Street Fighter series.

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Information Edit

Background Edit

  • Height: 177 cm / 5'10"
  • Weight: 74 kg / 163 Ibs
  • Fighting Style: Saikyō-ryū
  • Hobbies: Tile breaking, singing Karaoke
  • Son of Go Hibiki
  • Former pupil of Gouken
  • Made as an Art of Fighting retaliation

Saikyō-ryū Edit

  • Created by Dan
  • Utilizes Muai Thai & some Ansatsuken learned from Gouken
  • "Strongest Style"
  • The irony is strong...

Special Moves Edit

Gadoken Edit

  • "Self-Way Fist"
  • AKA Hadoken
  • Very, VERY short range

Koryuken Edit

  • "Dazzling Dragon Fist"
  • AKA Shoryuken
  • Anti-air attack

Dankukyaku Edit

  • "Severing Air Leg"
  • AKA Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
  • Knee jab with two kicks
  • Can be used while airborne

Saikyo Defense Edit

  • "Strongest Current Protection"
  • Performed while blocking
  • Reverses some damage from attacks

Taunts Edit

  • Unlimited amount can be performed
  • Adds to Super bar
  • Can be done whilst doing practically anything
  • Can also be used to roll forward or backwards

Super Moves Edit

Shisso Buraiken Edit

  • Also known as Hissho Buraiken
  • "Certain Victory Ruffian Fist"
  • Barrage of punches and kicks followed by a Koryuken

Shinku Gadoken Edit

  • "Quaking Air Self Way Fist"
  • AKA Shinku Hadoken
  • More powerful than a Hadoken
  • Dan's most powerful move
  • Still has low range

Koryu Rekka Edit

  • "Dazzling Dragon Violent Fire"
  • AKA Shoryureppa
  • Short-ranged Koryuken followed by a higher and faster one

Otoko Michi Edit

  • "Way Of The Man"
  • Parody of the Raging Demon
  • Creates a huge explosion affecting both Dan and his opponent
  • Used as a last resort

Legendary Taunt Edit

  • Series of taunts
  • Completely pointless

Feats Edit

  • Defeated Sagat...
  • Qualified for S.I.N.'s World Fighting tournament (barely)
  • Founded his own dojo
  • Unfazed from beatings from both Ryu and Ken
  • Trained Blanka and Sakura

Faults Edit

  • ...who let him win out of guilt
  • Defeated by nearly everyone he's ever fought
  • Lost the Satsui no Hado after tripping on a school bag

Trivia Edit

  • He starred in the 13th episode of the internet series, One Minute Melee, Dan vs. Hercule.