What ARE you two doing? I thought you said something about a nice little slideshow?
~ Crono to Marie & Lucia

Crono is the main character of the game, Chrono Trigger. He previously fought against Link in the fith episode of Fatal Fiction: Crono VS Link.

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Background Edit

  • 17 years old
  • Born in Truce in the year 983 AD
  • Prince of Guardia
  • Trained in the use of katanas and lightning/holy magic
  • Great leadership skills and intelligence
  • Left-Handed
  • Travels through time using the gates of Epoch
  • Possibly a Super Saiyan 4 or Super Saiyan God as people have reason to believe he's Goku's illegitimate son.
  • Silent Protagonist

Abilities Edit

  • Cyclone: Allows Crono to spin around his enemies within ranger with his sword (2 MP)
  • Wind Slash: Allows Crono to perform a projectile attack that attacks enemies within a straight line (2 MP)
  • Spincut: Allows Crono to jump extremely high which causes him to land on his chosen foe with a powerful slash attack (4 MP)
  • Confuse: Allows Crono to spin around his target of choice and performs a four-hit combo. (12 MP)
  • Mixes his techs with party members' to perform dual/triple techs

Spells Edit

  • Lightning: This spell strikes a enemy of choice with a lightning attack. (2 MP)
  • Lightning 2: This spell strikes all enemies within a radius (8 MP)
  • Life: This spell brings a target of choice back to life (10 MP)
  • Luminaire: This spell unleashes a powerful blast that causes immense damage to all enemies within radius (20 MP)
  • Mixes his techs with party members' to perform dual/triple techs

Weapons and Equipment Edit

  • Weapon: Dream Seeker (Katana)
    • Attack Power: 240
    • Critical hit rate: 90%
  • Armour: Blue Mail
    • Defense: 70
    • Effect: Absorb water/ice-elemental attacks
  • Headgear: Master's Crown
    • Defense: 40
    • Effect: Damage boost & Immunity to negative status effects
  • Accessory: Green Dream
    • Effect: One-time-auto-raise upon death
  • Stats
    • Very Agile: fast enough to create after images and goes toe-to-toe with Magus who is apparently faster than the eye can track
    • Has the strength necessary to cut through Lavos's Shell along and its stronger forms
    • Strong enough to withstand the Rain of Destruction

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Faults & Weaknesses Edit

  • Rather lacks in solo combat as he prefers to lead a team.
  • Takes extra damage from water/ice magic
  • Weak to shadow magic (Weakness)

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Trivia Edit

  • In addition to Crono fighting Link on a Fatal Fiction Episode, he also made a cameo appearance on Fatal Fiction's Episode 8: Rocky Balboa VS Little Mac where he's seen drinking (apparently) endless amounts of soda while cheering for Little Mac.