This category involves characters who have managed to master the ways of the Ninja, or at least have some degree of level within the class as it involves the art of ninjutsu based on a total of eighteen disciplines as mentioned below...

  • Seishin-teki-kyo'yo'
  • Taijutsu (hand to hand combat)
  • Kenjutsu (sword fighting)
  • Bōjutsu (stick & staff fighting)
  • Shurikenjutsu (throwing blades)
  • Sōjutsu (spear fighting)
  • Naginatajutsu (naginata fighting)
  • Kusarigamajutsu (chain & sickle weapon)
  • Kayakujutsu (pyrotechnics & explosives)
  • Hensōjutsu (disguise & impersonation)
  • Shinobi-iri (stealth & entering methoids)
  • Bajutus (horse handling)
  • Sui-Ren (water training)
  • Bōryaku (military strategy)
  • Chōhō (espionage)
  • Tenmon (meteorology)

A ninja who has managed to master all of these arts or at least have some degree of training within one of these qualifies to be part of this category.

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