This category involves characters who are unable to die by natural means (old age as well as conventional diseases for example) due to longevity, regeneration or other means, and no, the character doesn't have to be a deity nor an ancient being in order to qualify for immortality. Their are many forms of immortality that exist as mentioned below...

  1. Actual Longevity: Individuals with this form of immortality are unable to die by natural causes.
  2. Reliant Immortality: Individuals who become immortal through means of certain object, person, concept etc. exists
  3. Regeneration: Certain Individuals can obtain immortality via regeneration, especially if it prevents body cells from dying.
  4. Ascension to Deityhood: Individuals who obtain immortality by ascension to deityhood.
  5. True Immortality: Individuals who can't even get killed and can't even die in the typical sense.

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