This category involves characters who are actual Deities, examples of this involve individuals who are powerful beyond the comprehension of mortal beings be it being born as one or actually ascended to such a level qualifies as a Deity.

Various examples of how a Deity became to be exist as they will be mentioned below...

  1. The character in question is a embodiment of one specific alignment (Good, Evil, Order, Discord and/or Neutral), be it moral or ethical qualifies as a Deity.
  2. The character in question is the embodiment of one specific element and uses it as an infinite source. A grand elemental being who serves as the embodiment of either earth, fire, wind or water qualifies as a Deity.
  3. The character in question is worshiped to the point where the individuals alone actually regard such character as a deity, a classic example to this is when the inhabitants of Skull Island worship King Kong due to being their "divine protector" qualifies as a Deity.
  4. The character who happens to be the concept of one specific thing such as life or death qualifies as a Deity.

The power levels of deities will be mentioned here as well.

  1. Quasi Power: The least powerful form of Deityhood, where the individual alone is at least Deity-Like by Deity standards. Quasi Power is basically those who have the basic divine powers and supermortal abilities due to being the least powerful. If they have worshippers, those of Quasi Power will only have a least a dozen worshipers if not less (at least down to one if any).
  2. Minor Power: Another name for this is Demi-God, but here we treat deities a bit more differently so another name for this would be Deity-Like. Deities of Minor Power are individuals who have a number of supermortal attributes among with a few supernatural abilities. If they are worshiped, they can generally have up to dozens if not hundreds of worshipers.
  3. Lesser Power: Deities of Lesser Power are individuals who who possess even more abilities and far greater attributes. Due to the fact the individual is now a True Deity in the sense of the word, one of Lesser Power is a threat to behold in versus debating. If they are worshiped, they are also known to generally have over a thousand if not over several thousands of worshipers.
  4. Intermediate Power: Deities of Intermediate Power are indeed worthy of being called True Deities, due to the fact they wield a great deal of power for obvious reasons. Such individuals who have worshipers generally have around ten thousand if not tens of thousands.
  5. Greater Power: Deities of Greater Power are a utterly powerful for obvious reasons. Considered as Deity Lords in the sense of the word, those of Greater Power could tend to command respect from other deities of Intermediate and below. Such individuals are known to have around a hundred thousand if not hundreds of thousands of worshipers.
  6. Major Power: Deities of Major Power are perhaps the most powerful of the bunch, such individuals could safely be called Deity Lords, due to the immersive powers they possess. If such individual has worshipers, such Deity alone would generally have around a million if not millions of devotees.
  7. Over Power: Deities of Over Power are (supposedly) entities that are best described as beyond the ken of mortal beings.

A character who doesn't qualify as a Deity will also be mentioned here.

  1. The character in question who reaches 99th level (or whatever the max level is if any) in some random Role Playing Game like Final Fantasy or otherwise doesn't qualify as a Deity.
  2. The character in question who has a Deity Form as well as those with Deity-like abilities doesn't necessarily qualify as an actual Deity (See Characters with a Deity Form for details).
  3. The character in question who is simply immortal for reasons that doesn't involve ascension to Deityhood doesn't qualify as a Deity.

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