• Necroandtrancer


    August 25, 2019 by Necroandtrancer

    Hi I’m Nectotrancer and I’ve joined this wiki I’m excited to meet all of you I’ve already created my first fight Darth Vader vs Shredder.

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  • The Golden Moustache

    This wiki feels kinda lonely since me and Wolverine man appear to be the only ones active,does anyone know people who could join this wiki?

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  • Ganime

    This was a fight I was working on for a while. But after tons of Writers Block and an animated show that did what I was planning to do very similarly. I will just place the scraps of this fight here.

    If you want to write your own version of Sonic VS Mega Man the page is free for use.

    {{infobox episode

    | title = Sonic The Hedgehog VS Mega Man

    Super Mega Man |}

    The epilogue is with Sonic and Tails visiting Light Labs with everyone wondering why Sonic and Mega Man were wrecking Station Square when it is revealed that Eggman and Wily were working together in order to get one of their adversaries killed they watch in utter disappointment and plan their next attack

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  • Supersonicstyle13

    Hi, I'm New.

    August 28, 2018 by Supersonicstyle13

    I am Here From the DBF Wiki Because Thier are some fights that have already been done that i want to do. I was a fan of Fatl Fiction, so i came here.

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  • Wolverine-Man


    August 28, 2016 by Wolverine-Man
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  • Ganime

    Templates 4 U

    May 1, 2016 by Ganime

    Here's some Fatal Fiction Templates (even though the series is basicaly dead and will soon be replaced by KaijuD's Power Crunch.

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  • Wolverine-Man

    Mewtwo's opponent

    December 17, 2015 by Wolverine-Man

    Hey guys, it's Wolverine-Man here! I'm thinking of having Mewtwo star in one of my Fatal Fictions soon, and I'm thinking about either pitting him against Silver the Hedgehog or Shadow the Hedgehog. For how much I want to do Silver vs. Mewtwo, I also want to do Shadow vs. Mewtwo because they are both anti-heroic genetic experiments. However, I find it hard to determine who would win between Shadow and Mewtwo. Silver vs. Mewtwo is easier to determine, but I can't decide who to pit Mewtwo against.

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  • Kirbyfan22222

    NOT RAYMAN AND GLOBIX? Reply if you want Mario and Luigi to win in fatal fiction

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  • SchutzenDunkelZiel1217


    September 26, 2015 by SchutzenDunkelZiel1217

    Yo to anyone who comes in here. This is simply a blog post where I will more or less mess around with some things harmlessly no need to worry.

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  • Ganime

    This is the Fatal Fiction Fanon Wikia Hall of Records. If you already know the DBF's Rules they are mostly the same, but if you dont know then:


    1. Must be a completed What-If? Fatal Fiction or a real one to make this list.
    2. If you piss me off, I will remove your battle from this list.
    3. A character must be in 2 or more battles to be on this list.
    4. If the character does not have their own pic (NOT a VS. image) then that character will not get thier own entry in the Hall of Records.
    5. If I don't consider the battle good enough, or the outcome believable, it's not getting on here
    6. Battles done out of spite towards a user or a character won't be accepted, at all.
    7. Battles written by contributors will no longer be accepted, no matter how good the fig…
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  • ImagoDesattrolante

    Staff In Need.

    August 29, 2015 by ImagoDesattrolante


    The obvious matter is now that I've adopted the Wiki...I'm still alone in the Arena, with no one to to help me, leaving me with the barren desert.

    However, luckily I have you guys that are here, but can't forfill such Jobs as Users alone, and need special previlages.

    To put it like this, type your applications below for whatever position you are applying for.

    All Applications MUST be used like this:

    How many edits have you made?: *Answer*

    How long have you been on this Wiki?: *Answer*

    What is your reputation like?: *Answer honestly, because I'm going to check regardless*

    How would you help out the Wiki?: *Answer here*

    How much experience do you have with being a Staff member on other Wikis?: *Link the Wikis if they are avaliable and answer…

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  • ImagoDesattrolante


    August 18, 2015 by ImagoDesattrolante


    Right now, this Wiki is in ruins, and it needs a active Bureaucrat or Staff member, currently, I have the most edits and have been considering to adopt it and since a few users told me I should, I will set up a poll.

    Please state your opinions in the comments.

    Thank you.

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