Streets of Rage - Blaze Fielding as seen in Bare Knuckle III

Blaze Fielding is the deuteragonist in the Streets of Rage series.

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  • Age: 22 (Streets of Rage 2)
  • Species: Human
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Alignment: Good
  • Profession: Dance Instructor (Streets of Rage 2), Private Investigator (Streets of Rage 3)
  • Kill Count: 1161-1548 (Normal-Hardest)

Martial Arts/Fighting StyleEdit

  • Sambo: Translates to "self-defense without weapons". Basically Russian mixed martial arts
  • Judo: Mostly consists of effective throws, take-downs and grappling
  • Can land on her feet when thrown
  • Police training
  • Tends to use kicks more often than punches
  • Constantly fights multiple enemies at once, some armed with various weapons

Signature MovesEdit

  • Embukyaku: Blaze performs a cartwheel kick which knocks down surrounding enemies and allows her to dodge their attack.
  • Vertical Slash: Blaze performs a forward somersault in order to crush enemies with her fist infused with ki energy.
  • Subliming Double Slash: One of Blaze's upgraded moves, she performs a ranged somersault that strikes enemies down with multiple hits. Can be completed by a long-ranged slide kick.
  • Kikou Shou: Blaze projects a powerful short-range burst of energy which gets stronger (and more hits in) the closer the enemies are to the attack. (An attack completely adopted by Street Fighter's Chun-Li, sharing both the same attack name and similar execution of the attack)

Weapons & Miscellaneous ItemsEdit

  • Pretty much anything that can be found after smashing dumpsters, tables, chairs, road signs, barrels, etc.
  • Like baseball bats, metal pipes, knives, glass bottles, grenades, spray, swords, etc.
  • Although she prefers knives and swords more
  • Weapons can be thrown
  • Weapons tend to break

Feats & Stats Edit

  • Can throw metal robots or big guys who weighs 300 pounds or more (Strength)
  • Can beat-down metal robots with her bare hands and legs (Strength)
  • Can destroy walls with one to few hits (Strength)
  • Can stop a bulldozer with a single hit (Strength)
    • That bulldozer should weigh around 24 tons and move at 15 km/h speed at minimum
  • Blaze's attack power can reach up to around 465 kilograms of TNT (95 kg at minimum), considering her velocity and weight (Strength)
  • Can kick bikers clean off their bikes (Speed)
  • Can fight against people with jetpacks (Speed)
  • Can fight and keep up against all kinds of bosses, ranging from a mercenary Shiva, to a cyborg Axel, cyborg Mr. X, or "the two women who like to jump a lot" (Speed)
  • Seems to leave slight afterimages when performing Subliming Double Slash and a follow-up slide kick, also sets her feet on fire (Speed)
    • Meaning Blaze's attack speed can reach up to Mach 25 approximately
  • Can endure gunfire and explosives, such as grenades, exploding motorcycles or guided missles, etc. (Durability)
  • Can take beatings from weapons such as baseball bats, metal pipes, knives, swords, etc. (Durability)
  • Can take hits from opponents with superhuman abilities (Durability)
  • Can take getting zapped with electricity, or get hit by fire (Durability)

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