Bill: It's time for revenge.
Lance: Let's attack aggressively!
~ From Contra III: The Alien Wars (1992)

Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are the main protagonists of the Contra franchise created by Konami.

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Background Edit

  • Species: Human
  • Age: 34 (Bill), 32 (Lance)
  • Height: 6'2" (Bill), 6'4" (Lance)
  • Weight: 254 lbs (Bill), 240 lbs (Lance)
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Alignment: Orderly Good
  • Original Source Material: Contra, Super Contra, Operation C, Contra III: The Alien Wars, Contra: Shattered Soldier, Neo Contra, Contra 4, Contra ReBirth.
  • Composites Allowed: Contra Force, Contra Evolution, Contra Return

Abilities Edit

  • Climbing: Is capable of griping and climbing on anything such as veins from the aliens' bases, bars, missiles, etc. Bill/Lance can still fight enemies while latching and climbing.
  • Dual-Wielding: Bill/Lance can wield two guns on each hand, able to perform a spin technique that does a spiraling bullet attack. They can even perform this with two different weapons.
  • Energy Shot: Bill/Lance can charge up their guns and fire a giant, energy bullet.
  • Teleportation: Via some kind of teleporting device, Bill can transport to any place in an instant.

Equipment Edit

  • Rifle: Bill/Lance's default weapon which fires bullets at a fast pace. It's weakest out of all the weapons.
  • Machine Gun: A faster and more powerful version of the Rifle which shoots out giant, red bullets.
  • Laser: Fires long or short laser beams that can pierce through enemies. It has variants that bounce off walls.
  • Flame Thrower: Shoots out spiraling fireballs. It has variants that shoots giant fireballs (that can spread into smaller, multiple ones when it contacts an enemy), can be dangled anywhere like a fire whip and one that shoots a continuous stream of fire.
  • Homing Gun: Fires rockets that home in on enemies. In Contra: Shattered Soldier, Bill can fire multiple homing rockets at the same time.
  • Crush Gun: Fires blue missiles that are powerful, but have short range. When a missile hits something, it leaves out an explosion that can deal additional damage.
  • Grenade Launcher: Launches bombs that will roll forward upon touching the ground.
  • Rocket Launcher: Fires three or five rockets at the same time, that can pierce through weak enemies.
  • Wave Gun: Fires an energy wave that penetrates through enemies. Bill/Lance can create several additional waves that fly perpendicular to the main one.
  • Spread Gun: One of Bill/Lance's most powerful weapons that fires a massive spread of five big, red bullets that covers up the side where Bill/Lance is facing.
  • Armor: Bill/Lance will sometimes wear pieces of armor for extra defense.
  • Round Sweeper: A device that spins and shoots out multiple bullets at a circular pattern.
  • Propeller: Can be used to fly and slowly descend while moving around freely with it.
  • Grappling Hook: Shoots out a hook chain that latches on bars/ledges and pulls its wielder towards it.
  • M-80000 Helio Bomb: A special kind of bomb that unleashes a large and powerful explosion. Bill/Lance can carry more than one.
  • Knife: A combat knife that can be used to perform quick slashes and stabs with it.
  • Minigun: Fires a barage of bullets while spinning.
  • Assault Rifle: Shoots bursts of powerful bullets that fly a limited distance.
  • Flame Burst Gun: Shoots fireballs which when they come in contact with an enemy, scatter into four fragments and/or create an explosion.
  • Sniper Rifle: Fires fast shots that can pierce through enemies.
  • Plasma Thrower: A shotgun that basically fires plasma.
  • Gas Gun: Shoots out toxic gas that can poison enemies.
  • Frozen Gun: Shoots out a stream of cold wind that freezes enemies.
  • Electro Gun: Shoots out a continuous stream of electricity that homes in on several enemies and damages them on a single shot.
  • Laser Ex: A gun that shoots out giant energy balls.
  • Howitzer: Shoots fireballs in an arc and explodes on-contact.
  • Bow: Allows Bill/Lance to fire giant, energy arrows forward.
  • Crossbow: A weapon that allows Bill/Lance to fire small, energy arrows.
  • Tracking Missiles: Shoots large homing missiles, which are divided into three smaller missiles. The missiles create an explosion when they come in contact with an enemy.
  • Parabola Grenade: Bill/Lance can throw three energy explosives in an arc.
  • Annihilation Cannon: A backpack-like weapon that consists of multiple turrets that fire many rockets.
  • Tentacle Devil Claw: Bill/Lance can summon a field of spiked rocks.
  • Spore Hunter: Bill/Lance can shoot out giant spores at both directions, poisoning the enemy on impact.

Back-Ups/Helpers Edit

  • Wrath Wolf: A cyborg wolf that can fire bullets from the rails on its sides and breathe fire.
  • Raiden: Has a rail gun on its back. Can teleport to the enemy and attack them with claw swipes, eruptions and a supersonic roar.
  • Scout DA-30: A small robot buddy that shoots bullets from its gun and throws grenades that confuses enemies.
  • Energy UAV: A flying droid that launches projectiles directly at enemies and gives Bill/Lance defense boosts.
  • Rocket Commander: A robot riding on a rocket that shoots out multiple missiles from its gun or the rocket, as well as red laser beams.
  • Laser Falcon: A cyborg falcon with turrets on its back which can be used to fire quick plasma shots as well as powerful charge shots.
  • Wings of Adventure: A droid that shoots with turret fire, missiles, and a chargeable energy pulse.
  • Big White Rabbit: A rabbit droid that throws energy grenades at an ark with good accuracy and can give Bill/Lance speed and defense buffs. It can also teleport around.
  • Mechanical Sentry: A spider droid that launches energy shots in an arc and unleashes a field that damages multiple enemies close to it.
  • Star Defender: A flying robot that fires big electrical blasts.
  • RockStar: A flying robotic teddy bear that unleashes damaging soundwaves by performing with its electric guitar. It can also fire musical notes, create a giant purple soundwave, or summon a stage with four stereos to create even more soundwaves.
  • Droid Helper: Summons a flying droid that shoouts out a barrage of energy bullets and places a restoration field that can heal Bill/Lance's health.
  • Storm Drone: Summons a drone that creates a thunder cloud to rain down lightning bolts.
  • Missile Strike: Bill/Lance can call for a missile barrage on enemies.
  • Helicopter: Bill/Lance can call for an attack helicopter which fires bullets from its gatling gun, as well as several rockets.
  • Satellite Strike: Summons a satellite that can form multiple lasers and combine into a large laser strike.
  • Mechanical T-Rex Head: Summons a small, mechanical T-Rex head to cough up a spread of projectiles. If the projectiles don't hit anything, it will come back to its user like a boomerang

Power-Ups Edit

  • Rapid Fire: Increases the rate of fire possible for Bill/Lance's current weapon. Makes projectiles move faster, reach a farther distance and add extra projectiles for Spread Gun.
  • Mega Shell: When picked up, the entire screen will flash, destroying all enemies and projectiles on-screen.
  • Speed Up: Allows Bill/Lance to increase their speed for a limited time.
  • Barrier: Summons a barrier that protects Bill/Lance from enemy attacks.
  • Metal Storm: Bill can use a special kind of armor that forms into larger parts, making him way stronger and tougher than before. He can now fire giant, homing rockets, a barrage of bullets/blasts depending on the weapon he is wielding and unleash a massive, moving burst of fire. He also has passive abilities where he can sometimes protect himself from physical and projectile attacks.

Vehicles Edit

  • Motorcycle: A vehicle that goes on high speeds and hovers above the ground/water/pits. Bill/Lance can fight high-speeding enemies while riding it.
  • Snow Board: Is used to ride down a snowy hill at high speeds and battle a sand/snow-worm while riding it. It can also be used on any other surface.
  • Contra Mech: A mech that was once from Red Falcon, but was hacked and can be controlled by Bill/Lance. It should at least have better stats than them. Is able to fly and fire spread-energy bullets, missiles and a massive laser beam. After firing the laser, it has a 15-second cooldown before it can be fired again.

Feats & Stats Edit

  • Can obliterate a spiked wall with bullets (Strength Feat)
  • Easily mowed down a giant helicopter mech (Strength Feat)
  • Hanged onto a rocket when it was launching (Strength Feat)
  • Beheaded a giant, alien robot from above (Strength Feat)
  • Can blow up a giant stone statue into bits (Strength Feat)
  • Can dodge bullets, missiles and laser fire from enemy soldiers, aliens and machines (Reaction Speed Feat)
  • Is able to dodge giant missiles while hanging onto one himself (Reaction Speed Feat)
  • Outran explosions coming after him (Speed Feat)
  • Can run on helicopter blades while they're spinning (Speed Feat)
  • Dodged bullets while avoiding landmines at the same time (Reaction Speed Feat)
  • Can dodge lightning blasts from Yokozuna (Reaction Speed Feat).
  • Easily handled the coldness from Snow Field even if he's shirtless (Durability Feat)
  • Can somehow breathe in space (Durability Feat)
  • Landed on Earth with no issue despite falling down from orbit (Durability Feat)
  • Is superior/comparable to the marines who survived the destruction of a planet at the epicenter (Durability Feat)
  • Was inside a volcano and blasted away after its eruption (Durability Feat)
  • Tanked a force attack from Master Contra (Impact Durability Feat)
  • Can tank explosions from rockets and giant robots (Durability Feat)

Skills & Experience Edit

  • Stopped terrorist and alien attacks many times such as Red Falcon, Blood Falcon, Black Viper, Neo Contra, etc. (Skill Feat)
  • In their first game, defeated a giant alien who tanked a country-sized explosion while landing on Earth in the Japanese version's opening (Skill Feat)
  • Defeated Galva, who can destroy a city with one powerful blast (Skill Feat)
  • Defeated the Anti-Contra Battleship Dodriguez, Rocket Ninja Sasaki and the Jet Ski Mech while hanging on missiles (Skill Feat)
  • Bill defeated his former partner Lance Bean, who was the commander of Blood Falcon (Skill Feat)
    • Lance infused himself with an alien embryo, turning into an alien base and had Bill face many bosses
  • Defeated Vital Gonard and the Grotesque Chimera, which happened because the Triumvirate were not able to control the Moirai Relic's power, leading them to be fused together (Skill Feat)
    • The Moirai Relic is able to create the Triumvirate's sanctuary, which is another plane of existence
  • Destroyed the final boss of Contra ReBirth, who is able to move the moon effortlessly and pass through galaxies with little issue (Skill Feat)
  • Is knowledgeable about battle gear (Intelligence Feat)
  • Can ride motorcycles and use snow boards with ease (Intelligence Feat)

Resistances & Immunities Edit

  • Can withstand standing/walking on fire (Resistance)

Faults & Weaknesses Edit

  • Most of their strategies are blasting away every enemy with their guns (Fault)
  • Considered to be glass cannons, as they're not seen wearing any armor in battle (Fault)
  • Their vehicles and mechs can be destroyed (Weakness)

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