Astro Boy is the main character of his eponymous series. He previously fought against Mega Man in the fourth episode of Fatal Fiction.

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  • AKA Tetsuwan Adam (The Mighty Atom)
  • 10 years old
  • Around 130 cm
  • 2003 incarnation
  • Kokoro (A robot with a heart and soul)
  • Nuclear-Powered
  • Built by Dr. Tenma as a replacement for his desceased son Tobio
  • Adopted by Dr. Ochanomizu/ Dr. O'Shay
  • Constantly faces Dr. Tenma
  • Ambidextrous

Natural Abilities and WeaponryEdit

  • Capable of Flight
    • Fast Enough to fly to space in short periods of time
  • Eyes double as search lights
  • Ears are 1000 times as sensitive as a human's
  • Strong Enough to lift buildings (On the Moon At least)
  • Can translate 60 languages
  • Arm cannons
  • Finger Lasers
  • Can scan his environment
  • Machine Guns in his butt (Also where he gets oil inserted...)
  • Great Durability
  • Can Spin around to create barriers that block Projectiles

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Faults & Weaknesses Edit

  • Lightning is effective against him
  • Naive

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