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Android 18 is one of the primary protagonists of the Dragon Ball series. She previously fought against Starfire in the 13th episode of Fatal Fiction: Starfire VS Android 18.

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  • Android 18 (Real Name:Lazuli)
  • Species: Human (Currently a cyborg/artificial human)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 40's (End of series)
  • Height: 5'6| 167 cm
  • Weight: At least 130 lbs| 59 kg
  • Love intrest: Krilln
  • Former enemy of the Z-Fighters, currently an ally
  • Not truly an android, it's just a mistranslation that just stuck
  • Engineered by Dr. Gero to be the perfect killing Machine
  • May or May not not be Blue Mary's long lost twin

Abilities and ArsenalEdit

  • Posseses a unique type of ki that cannot be sensed even by other ki users, and has a nigh-unlimited supply of it
  • Android Barrier: Omnidirectional energy burst
  • Destructo Disc: Ki projectile that slices things apart
  • Energy Attack/Energy Wave: Generic ki blasts
  • Energy Mine: Shoots concentrated yellow ki spheres: Exac
  • Flight: Exactly what it says on the tin
  • Finger beams: See Flight
  • Also Focuses on team attacks with her brother: Android #17 including but not limited to
  • Accel Dance: Dual Rush combo that ends with a Photon Strike, used to kill Future Gohan in the HoT Timeline

Feats and VictoriesEdit

  • Casually killed Future Piccolo and Tienshinhan with one hit
  • Contributed to the blast that destroyed the 'mighty' Krilllin
  • Broke Super Saiyan Vegeta's arm and knocked him out
  • Brutally killed Future Gohan after vaporizing his arm
  • Curbstomped Super Saiyan Future Trunks multiple times
  • Easily beat and humiliated Goten & Trunks (Mighty Mask)
  • Gave Hercule Satan a beatdown before he bribed her
    • And Hercule defeated Cell in no sweat
  • Totally helped Goku defeat Super 17
  • Is even stronger in the present timeline than in the future timeline
  • Was considered one of Dr. Gero's greatest creations

Weaknesses and FlawsEdit

  • Future Timeline 18 is much weaker than main timeline 18
  • Had a bomb inside her that threatened her life (But has since been removed)
  • Was originally one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball but has lagged behind
  • Neglected to train between the Cell saga and Buu Saga
  • Has never had a fight where she battled somebody on equal ground, all of her battles have been curbstomps one way or another
  • Her power cannot grow as quickly as a Saiyan's can
  • Not particularly used to solo combat, prefers a team
  • Settled down with Krillin
    • Seriously, Krillin!?