(Tai's) Agumon is the Mascot of the Digimon series. He previously fought against Pikachu in the ninth episode of Fatal Fiction: Pikachu VS Agumon.

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  • Agumon (Digimon Data Squad)

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  • Main Partner: Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya
  • Type: Dinosaur/Reptile
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Starter form: Koromon
  • Future Digivolutions: Greymon, SkullGreymon, MetalGreymon,  WarGreymon & Omnimon
  • Courageous; know no fear and is thus reliable
  • Has an appetite for everything besides vegetables
  • Joined the United Nations as a diplomat for the digital world alongside Tai
  • Stands one meter tall
  • Mascot of Digimon

Natural Abilities Edit

  • Heightened senses and fire-elemental attacks
  • Pepper Breath: A standard fireball ( Three can be shot a once, and they're recharchable)
  • Claw Attack: Strikes with claws
  • Cross Fire: Gains power, then bites and slashes his foes
  • Claw Uppercut: An uppercut, duh
    • Shoryuken!
  • Spitfire Blast: A more powerful version of Pepper Breath
  • Baby Volcano: Shoots out a fireball that causes a huge explosion
  • Sharp Claws: Can be charged to multiple stages
  • Mach Jab Combo: A flurry of punches that are delivered at 200 mph
  • Dynamite Kick: An aerial drop kick

Feats Edit

  • Known to strategize without Tai guiding him
  • Put up an impressive fight against Shellmon
  • Can take blows from Meramon, as well as stun/damage him
  • Defeated the champion level Frigmon
  • Took hits from Kuwagamon, who could slice through airplanes like a knife through hot butter
  • Defeated Ogremon after going toe-to-toe with him in his Koromon form
    • It's never ogre
  • Singlehandedly defeated Piedmon in an alternate universe
  • Can dodge supersonic blasts from Kimeramon
  • Saved the Digital World from Apocalymon
  • Became Omnimon to save the real world from Diaboromon
  • Became a diplomat for the digital world alongside Tai


  • Terrible singer; still better than Miley Cyrus by a large margin
  • Needs Tai to digivolve which is technically outside help
    • Needs to be fully fed to digivolve in the first place
  • Relies alot on his later forms
  • Needs MetalGarumon there with him to digivolve (again, outside help) 

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