AKO21 is one of the robots from the Collateral Damages games.

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History Edit

AKO21 and STOOFA were both sent to the city to destroy everything in their path. They either succeeded or were eventually destroyed by the military.


Background Edit

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Likely 3.5-23.5 metric tons
  • Mission: Destroy the city
  • Batteries restore it's health

Gun Edit

  • Is actually it's left arm
  • Has infinite ammo
  • Bullets can destroy just about anything

Shields Edit

  • Purpose: Protect AKO21 from attacks
  • Drains some of it's energy for some reaosn
  • Just as durable at AKO21

Jetpack Edit

  • Allows AKO21 to fly for a brief time

Feats Edit

  • Can endure anything, even explosions
  • Capable of destroying entire cities
  • Can survive a fall from a ship
  • Can bounce off of helicopters

Weaknesses Edit

  • Too much damage will destroy it
  • The whole "Shields drain health" thing